I tried playing a 3D tank battle `` BZFlag '' that can be played for free on Windows, Mac, Linux

I enjoyed the incandescent bombardment battle with the free-to-play 3D tank shooting game “ BZFlag ” distributed for Windows, macOS and Linux.



You can see how it feels when you actually play BZFlag by watching the following movie.

BZFlag Gameplay-YouTube

First, click “Windows (.exe)” to access the top page and install the Windows version.

Click “Save File”.

Launch the saved BZFlag EXE file.

Click “Next”.

Click “I Agree”.

Click “Next”.

Click “Next”.

Click “Install”.

Click “Next”.

Click “Play BZFlag now!” And then click “Finish”.

When BZFlag starts, it looks like this. Select the menu with the up and down arrow keys on the keyboard and confirm with the enter key.

To play the game, you need to enter the name in the 'Callsign' part and select the server to play.

Select 'Connect' to start the game. If the game does not start, Callsign may have suffered with other users.

The game starts with 'i' on the keyboard or right mouse click. The score for each team and the player's score are displayed at the top of the screen. By looking at the color of the call sign that you entered, you can see how many teams you were divided into.

This is the game screen. The aim part is in the center of the screen, and the five white icons displayed on the right indicate the number of remaining bullets. The map is at the bottom left of the screen, and allied and enemy tanks are represented by red and green dots.

Click the mouse to bombard. The bullet icon will turn red when bombarded. Once it turns white, it can be fired again.

The enemy tank (red) is on the right side of the game screen, and the green icon on the left indicates the direction of the friendly tank.

The game is over when you eat even one shot of enemy aircraft. However, if you press the “i” key, it can be restored immediately.

When I actually played it, the operation was quite peculiar, so I couldn't operate the tank as I wanted without repeating the play, and it was destroyed at first. However, the game itself is very lightweight and can be interrupted, terminated and restarted at any time, and even if destroyed, it can be revived immediately, so there is no waiting time in the game play and it can be enjoyed quite stress-free.

BZFlag is a tank game released in 1993 by Chris Schoeneman using C language . Since the game has been around for 30 years since its release, the players are quite used to the game, and it seemed difficult to say that “newcomers suddenly make a big success”.

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