Network battle 2D action game 'Soldat' review with sequel for the first time in 18 years

Soldat is a free network-based 2D action game that was released in 2002 and is still enjoyed by many players. In 2020, the sequel for the first time in 18 years was delivered and became a hot topic, so I actually played this game, which is still popular.

Soldat :: Homepage

You can see what kind of game 'Soldat' is by watching the following movie. All but myself are enemies, and we are playing a 'deathmatch' mode in which the game ends when one of the players reaches the maximum number of kills. By the way, all enemies are computer-operated BOTs.

I played with the 2D action game 'Soldat' released in 2002-YouTube

Soldat can also be downloaded from the official website, but this time I will play with the Steam version. First, open the Steam client, access the Soldat distribution page , and click 'Play Game'.

The installation confirmation screen will open. Click 'Next' to start the installation.

When the installation is complete, click 'Play Game' again, and then the initial setup will be performed automatically and the game will start.

When the game starts, it will move to the setting screen. The game modes are Death Match, Team Match, Point Match, Rambo Match, Capture The Flag, Infiltration, Hold The Flag ( You can choose from 7 types (Hold the Flag). You can also add the number of kill limits, game time, and BOT.

You can also make fine adjustments such as managing the weapons that appear in the game by clicking 'Option' on the upper left.

You can also join other players' matches from 'Join Game'.

After deciding the settings you like, click 'Start Game' to start playing.

At the start of the game, you need to select 'Primary Weapon' and 'Secondary Weapon' one by one. Primary Weapon has 10 types from short-range shotguns to long-range sniper lilies, and Secondary Weapon has 4 types such as knives and chainsaws, so you can switch weapons at any time during the game.

The basic operations are left-click to use weapons, right-click to use jump boosters, and A and D keys to move left and right. Even with BOT, the enemy is quite strong, and if you are not used to the game, you will be defeated immediately.

The best feature of this game is the jump booster. You can enjoy up, down, left, and right movements by floating in the air fluffy and approaching or moving away from the enemy. However, when the energy runs out, it will fall as it is. The blue bar at the bottom right is the energy bar.

The first map 'Air pirates' is a fairly narrow map, so if you add too many BOTs, you will end up being shot from all directions. Every character dies after just a few shots, and when they die, their bodies fall apart and blow away, so it's a pretty chaotic situation.

While defeating an enemy, it is often defeated by an enemy coming from behind. I was defeated while saying 'You're funny guy, I like you' to the enemy. BOTs are pretty talkative.

I managed to struggle, but after about 4 minutes, the BOT player 'Boogie Man' reached the end condition of 30 kills, so the game ended. This time the result was 15 kills and 16 deaths.

The source code of Soldat is published on GitHub, and it is also possible to contribute to the improvement of the game. By the way, the Steam page of Soldat 2, the sequel to Soldat that appeared in 2020, is this.

Steam: Soldat 2

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