Four types of tasting review of new menu of Cafe de Clier including `` Mont Blanc Parfait '' with plenty of bitter coffee jelly and marron cream

New menus “ Cream de la carte caramel latte ” and “ Sol beige bitter crunch caramel ” of Cafe de Crie, which is made from Hokkaido milk and espresso with salt caramel, are available. Along with bittersweet drinks, “ Mont Blanc Parfait ” based on coffee jelly and “ Toasted Sand Salmon & Cheese ” sandwiching rich cream cheese also appeared, so I actually went to eat.

Two bittersweet espresso drinks, salmon & cheese toasted sand, and chestnut desserts! | CAFÉ de CRIÉ
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I came to Café de Clie.

Order a new menu immediately. Start with ' Bitter Crunch Caramel Latte ' and ' Mont Blanc Parfait '.

Mont Blanc Parfait is topped with melon whipped cocoa powder and honey stewed melon.

Vanilla ice, graham crackers, whipped cream, malon sauce and coffee jelly are layered under the melon whip.

Although the honey of marron is moist, it has a chewy texture.

Eating it with a bitter coffee jelly tightens the sweetness of malon cream and vanilla ice cream, making it an adult dessert. The crisp feeling of Graham crackers is a good accent.

Bitter crunch caramel latte is a latte with salted caramel syrup topped with whipped, caramel sauce and coffee candy crunch.

The whipped cream melted by the heat of the latte has little bitterness and the sweetness of caramel and milk is outstanding. The salty caramel has a slight saltiness, and it has a subtle taste.

We also ordered “ Solbeige Bitter Crunch Caramel ” and “ Toast Sand Salmon & Cheese ”.

Toasted Sand Salmon & Cheese is lightly toasted with cucumber, smoked salmon, tartar sauce and cream cheese.

Smoked salmon is wrapped in mellow cream cheese and tartar sauce, and the rich taste of cheese and tartar is reduced by the fresh cucumber, and the aftertaste is refreshing.

Sol beige bitter crunch caramel is made with caramel latte sorbet, espresso with salted caramel syrup and Hokkaido milk, and topped with whipped coffee candy crunch. Sol Beige is a frozen drink from Café de Clie.

The rich whipped cream, salted and salted caramel, and the sweet taste of the coffee candy crunch were perfect, and it was a finish that could be enjoyed as a dessert just by topping.

The drink has a crisp sol-beige feel and a bitter taste than the bitter crunch caramel latte. However, the salty caramel and the sweetness of milk were pushed out to the front, and the bitter feeling was just enough to feel the aftertaste.

`` Mont Blanc Parfait '' is 420 yen excluding tax, `` Bitter Crunch Caramel Latte '' is 380 yen excluding tax, `` Toast Sand Salmon & Cheese '' is 440 yen excluding tax, `` Solbeige Bitter Crunch Caramel '' is 410 yen excluding tax, 2019 Since October 16th (Wednesday), it has appeared at Café de Crie nationwide except some stores.

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