I tried drinking 'Chocolate Marron Frappuccino & Latte' full of autumn taste 'chestnut' from Starbucks

New chocolates from Starbucks for autumn, ' Chocolate Maron Frappuccino ' and ' Chocolate Maron Latte ' have been released since Wednesday, September 2, 2020. With the concept of 'polishing the goodness of the ingredients and making it attractive', I immediately went to drink a new product that blended chestnuts.

Focus on “materials”! A blend of Starbucks autumn “chestnuts” that deliver seasonal changes and peace of mind! New products such as 'Chocolate Marron Frappuccino' to taste the texture and taste of chocolate will be released from Wednesday, September 2 | Starbucks Coffee Japan


Arrived at a Starbucks store.

There was a lot of chestnuts hanging on the storefront with a banner of 'Chocolate Marron Frappuccino'.

I ordered chocolate marron frappuccino. Looking at the side of the cup, a marble pattern is drawn with milk, coffee and marron cacao sauce.

Toppings are whipped cream and marron cocoa sauce, chocolate flakes and cocoa nibs coated with melted sugar. It's a little difficult to understand, but the part surrounded by a red frame and the light brown grains are like cocoa nibs.

Chocolate Marron Frappuccino is offered only in tall size, and it is about this size compared to transportation IC cards.

When I drank it, the flavor of chestnut was stronger than that of cacao. The sweetness of milk and savory chestnut is mellow and gentle. It is said that the drink contains not only marron cacao sauce but also two finely crushed chestnut grains. The chewy taste of the chestnut was felt even more when chewed even though it was a small grain, and the two flavors, the sauce and the grain, pushed the chestnut flavor to the front.

The chocolate flakes with toppings have a bitter taste with almost no sweetness. If you put it in your mouth with a drink, you can enhance the modest cocoa flavor with the drink alone.

Chocolate Marron A new chocolate marron latte is ordered as well as Frappuccino.

Toppings are chocolate flakes and sugar-coated cocoa nibs. The chocolate flakes were melting due to the heat of the latte.

Chocolate Marron latte can be ordered in short tall grande venti size, this time in short size. This is about the size of a transportation IC card.

Chocolate malon latte, which is a mixture of espresso with milk and marron cacao sauce, has a strong espresso flavor and bitterness, and has a more mature taste than chocolate marron frappuccino. Since the latte does not contain crushed chestnuts, the crispy texture of cocoa nibs is impressive, and the flavor of cocoa is more felt than the flavor of chestnuts. Chocolate Maron Frappuccino is recommended for those who want to enjoy the chestnut flavor, and Chocolate Maron Latte is recommended for those who want to taste cacao.

'Chocolate Marron Frappuccino' is available in tall size only, the price is 590 yen including tax, and will be offered from Wednesday, September 2, 2020 to Tuesday, September 22, 2020. 'Chocolate Marron Latte' is 450 yen including short size tax, 490 yen including tall size, 530 yen including grande size, and 570 yen including venti size, from September 2, 2020 (Wednesday) to October 31, 2020 (Saturday). For a limited time, you can purchase it at Starbucks nationwide except some areas.

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