I tried drinking `` Mega Mochum '' that can fully enjoy tapioca with 1 liter

In Japan's first hand-made tapioca drink specialty store,

Motcham Harajuku, a tapioca drink specialty store, the 1-liter tapioca drink “ Mega Motcham ” has appeared on Wednesday, September 25, 2019. I was wondering what would happen if I had a mega tapioca drink with freshly-made fresh tapioca that is twice as large as the normal menu, so I actually went to the Mochamu Harajuku store to see it.

Tapioca is the leading role! Enjoy the ultimate raw tapioca as if you were eating it

The address of the Mitcham Harajuku store is “3-25-18 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo”, and it takes about 10 minutes on foot from JR Harajuku Station.

Arrived at the store.

There was a menu of Harajuku-limited drinks at the store.

Mega Mottham can be ordered with any flavor except smoothie. This time we chose “Okinawa brown sugar milk”.

If you buy a ticket at the ticket machine and give it to the clerk ...

The clerk makes tapioca drinks quickly in front of you. There is also a sample cup at the counter so you can refer to it if you are wondering what size to order.

This is Mega Mitcham.

You can take it out or sit down on a chair in the store and have a drink ...

At the cafe “

Milk ” next to the Motcham Harajuku store, you can order tapioca drinks if you order one item per person, so you can enjoy a tapioca drink with meals and sweets.

If you arrange a 550ml plastic bottle on the left and an M-size tapioca drink on the right, you can see the hugeness of Mega Mochum.

It is not possible to drink with a single breath, but if you plug the air hole on the lid, it will not spill out even if it shakes somewhat, so you can drink it while you carry it.

Raw tapioca is mixed with brown sugar at the bottom. `` Raw tapioca '' is not boiled dry tapioca, but uses tapioca made by rolling dough as it is, so if you hold a cup in your hand, only the bottom with tapioca is warm Was felt.

When I took a sip of a drink, the mellow sweet brown sugar spread like a cheek on several brown sugar candies. If you drink it as it is, it will be a little sweet, so if you drink it after drinking it with a straw, you can enjoy the taste of rich milk like coconut milk and the harmony of elegant brown sugar sweetness. Tapioca comes into the mouth with a smooth texture, but when chewed, it felt like a candy, and the smell and soft sweetness of tapioca.

The tip of the thick straw is cut like this, making it easier for tapioca to inhale ...

If I was drinking casually, the tapioca that had sunk in the bottom remained.

Mega-Mochacham is not only a liter of drink, but also contains tapioca twice as usual, so it is recommended that you take the tapioca positively when you start drinking.

The business hours of the Motcham Harajuku store are from 11:00 to 19:00, and Mega Motcham can be purchased for 990 yen including tax.

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