Tasting reviews such as 'Tapioca jasmine green tea milk tea' and sweet 'Ton paul burger' which is sweetened with pork roses and sweet with green tea and tapioca milk

' Tapioca black oolong milk tea ' using ' Tapioca jasmine green tea milk tea ' which is a green tea from Shizuoka prefecture where freshness burger has a strong fragrant plus a jasmine flavor and black oolong tea with a refreshing taste and crisp taste. We have started offering two types of tapioca milk tea, which is sweet and modest, from June 5, 2019 (Wednesday). As for the 'Taiwan Fair', ' Tonporo-Burger ', which uses pork belly with skin, which has been simmered until it becomes soft and soft, has also appeared at the same time, and has eaten three items at a time.

Adult Tapioca Drink & Melting Texture Pork Rose Meat 'Tonpolo-Burger' appeared!
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[Taiwan Fair] adult tapioca drink & melted pork belly meat 'Ton paul burger' appeared! | Freshness Inc.

Arrive at Fresh Burger.

At the storefront, a sign was placed to show that two new types of tapioca drinks were introduced.

In about 15 minutes from the order, Tapiocajasmin green tea milk tea (tax-included 420 yen), tapioca black oolong milk tea (tax-included 420 yen), tonpolo-burger (tax-included 420 yen) has arrived.

First, try drinking from tapioca jasmine green tea milk tea.

When I removed the lid, ice was floating. New tapioca drink is a cold drink that you would like to drink in the hot season.

At the bottom of the cup you can see the grains of Tapioca sinking.

When I drank it, I felt a slight sweetness and a rich aroma of green tea. The bitterness of milk and green tea is so good that it is finished with a refreshing mouth with a scent of jasmine tea that can be felt with a hint of aftertaste. Tapioca has a delicious texture, but it is easy to drink because its sweetness is suppressed, and it was perfect for water and energy supply when it was hot and without appetite. In addition, according to the freshness burger's (PDF file)

official site , the calorie is about 213 kcal per cup.

Next, I will drink Tapioca black oolong milk tea.

This is how Tapioca sunk to the bottom. The contents of the cup are pale pink with black oolong mixed with milk.

When you drink it, the aroma of oolong tea and the richness of milk spread in the mouth with elegant sweetness. Compared to Tapiocajasumin green tea milk tea, it has a more bitter taste, so the sweetness and body feel more prominent. Tapioca black oolong milk tea has 214 kcal calories per cup.

Then, try to eat ton pol-burger. '

Dong-gullo ' is a specialty of Taiwan, which is made by roasting pork belly with soy sauce and sugar.

It looks like this when I open the wrapper. You can see fresh lettuce fully sanded out of the buns.

Ingredients are thick-cut ton paul, white hair green onion, green curl lettuce.

When you eat it, the soft tonpolo gets loose on the tongue and the meat taste spreads in your mouth. Ton-poro is sweet and spicy like horned fish, but it has a crispy accent of wakiko used for crisp white hair onion and sauce, and you can enjoy the richness of pork until the last bite Yes.

Jasmine green tea milk tea (tax-included 420 yen), black oolong milk tea (tax-included 420 yen), tomporo-burger (tax-included 420 yen) has been sold at Freshness Burgers nationwide from June 5, 2019 (Wed).

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