`` Doctor Sleep '' final trailer, a boy who survived the `` Shining '' tragedy visits the snowy mountain's cursed hotel again

The final trailer of “ Doctor Sleep ”, a movie of Steven King ’s horror novel, has been released. The original is a sequel to “

Shining ”, and Danny, who survived the tragedy 40 years ago and grew up as an adult, is played by “ Star Wars Episode 1 / Phantom Menas ” and “ TrainspottingEwan McGregor . Since the sequel novel of 'Shining' is the original, there are scenes in the trailer that followed Stanley Kubrick 's work ' Shining ' in 1980.

Movie `` Doctor Sleep '' US version main notice [HD] released on Friday, November 29, 2019-YouTube

What opened the door of the Overlook Hotel on Mount Colorado in the snowstorm ...

Danny Trance (acted by Ewan McGregor), who once had a terrible experience at this Overlook hotel in his childhood.

This hotel is a property that is said to be `` the custodian who was trapped in a blizzard and was lonely and slaughtered the family with Ono '', Danny's father Jack also got sick of the spirit by the influence of demons Tried to kill son Danny and wife Wendy with Ono.

Danny visited the room where Jack hunted Wendy.

On that door, there were traces of Jack trying to break the door with Ono and the word “REDRUM”.

Danny looks through the gap that his father whispered “

Here is Johnny! ” 40 years ago.

A long, dark corridor in the hotel.

The twins that suddenly appear in the back of the corridor look exactly like the twins Danny witnessed 40 years ago.

Someone's arm grabs Danny's body and arms sleeping in bed.

Danny jumps out of bed. But no one was behind the bed.

'What are you running away from?'

Danny who answered 'Maybe from herself' seems to have been stuck in the memory of that awkward Overlook Hotel after 40 years.

On the wall where Danny stares ...

The message “HELLO” was projected

The girl Abra who sent a message to Danny (acted by Kylie Curran) had the super ability called “Shining” to be able to see spiritually and future.

Danny, 40 years ago, was also witnessing the appearance of evil spirits that roamed the Overlook Hotel.

There is a suspicious woman behind the girl who came out of the movie theater.

When a woman speaks to a girl ...

Attacks the girl and sucks something from the girl's mouth.

The mysterious woman Rose (act: Rebecca Ferguson) seems to be taking the power away from the shining children.

The girl was immediately surrounded by a suspicious group, just as zombies gathered together.

Shiny Danny and Abra are also targeted by suspicious groups.

'REDRUM' written on the door that Jack tried to break 40 years ago is a mirror letter of 'MURDER'. Does it imply the danger of Danny's life? ...

Abra who is white and manipulates shining.

While watching the door of the supermarket showcase, Rose talks to Abra using his power. When Rose turns his hand behind his head ...

Hands also appear behind the oil.

“Don't come into your head!”

Suddenly the glass of the showcase explodes, and the rose that was speaking to Abra blows away.

Danny learns that herself and the hands that aim for Abra are almost there, and decides to protect Abra.

Danny arrived while chasing the mystery of the incident ...

It was that awkward overlook hotel.

In response to Danny's question, 'Do you regret it?'

Abra reassuringly answering “No”.

A rose stands in the maze in front of the hotel. This maze was the place where it appeared in the final version of the movie “Shining” and Jack who chased Wendy was lost.

Blood falls or falls from the sharp knife that a woman grasps.

A large amount of blood overflowing from the elevator.

Twins reappear in front of Danny who visited the hotel.

Can Danny protect Abra by shaking off the mysterious groups aiming for shining and the evil spirits of Overlook Hotel?

“Doctor Sleep” is a national road show on Friday, November 29, 2019.

Movie 'Doctor Sleep' Official Website 11.29 Fri, National Road Show

Title: Dr. Sleep / DOCTOR SLEEP
Original: Steven King ' Doctor Sleep ' (published by Bunharu Bunko)
Director & Screenplay: Mike Flanagan ('Gerald's Game' by Steven King, 'The Haunting of Hillhouse')
Cast: Ewan McGregor ('Star Wars' series), Rebecca Ferguson ('Mission: Impossible' series, 'Greatest Showman'), Kylie Curran
© 2019 Warner Bros. Ent. All Right Reserved

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