Predicting that the new iPhone in 2020 will undergo a more innovative evolution

Apple's presentation was just around the corner, and predictions about what the new iPhone will be like in 2019 are jumping, and new predictions for the “New iPhone in 2020” have emerged. It is rumored that the new iPhone in 2020 will change more than in 2019, and the design will be new.

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The new iPhone in 2019 is reported as a change point such as triple camera loading and 3D Touch abolition, but overseas news media Mashable released an article claiming `` Forget about the new iPhone in 2019 '' doing.

The basis of Mashable's claim is that the 2020 iPhone will be much more innovative than 2019.

Analyst Minchi Kuo, a well-established analyst with accurate forecasts of Apple products, reveals that the 2020 iPhone will be a major change to the previous iPhone. According to Mr. Kuo, the point of change is '(1) completely new design', '(2) 5G support' and '(3) camera function upgrade'. This change is expected to increase iPhone sales significantly.

Mr. Kuo does not mention the detailed design of the iPhone in 2020, but in July 2019 `` It will be equipped with a TOF camera sensor that can measure 3D information using the flight time of light '' It was stated . With the TOF camera, high-quality shooting is possible, and a new AR function is expected to be added. In June 2019, the 6.1-inch iPhone was expected to change from an LCD (liquid crystal display) to an OLED (organic ED) display.

A famous analyst predicts that iPhone 5G support will change in 2020 & display size-GIGAZINE

Mashable said about the design of the iPhone in 2020: `` Wireless charging is difficult with a metal body, so it is difficult to predict that the 2020 iPhone will return to the aluminum body, but with a smaller notch and depth sensor for AR, USB port The possibility of hiring is conceivable. '

Mr. Kuo also predicted that the 2019 iPhone will support Ultra Wideband Wireless (UWB), but newly announced that `` the antenna design will be renewed by UWB support '' and `` iBeacon using short-range wireless technology '' Announces the prediction that will improve device navigation. The new “UWB tag” will work with iBeacon-based Bluetooth to provide an “innovative experience” for indoor mapping.

The announcement event of iPhone and Apple Watch where many predictions are listed will be distributed in Japan time from 2 am on September 11, 2019 (Wednesday). Originally, Apple's presentations were limited to the desktop versions of Safari and Edge, but from 2019, YouTube will also begin distribution .

The content that is rumored to be announced at the announcement on September 11 is summarized in the following article.

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