Wikipedia joins browser `` Brave '' that distributes revenue to content providers by blocking advertisements

Brave, an open source browser that implements ad blocking functionality by default and speeds up page loading, is trying to build a new business model that ' distributes profits to content providers and users while blocking ads ' is. It was announced that Wikipedia was certified as the content provider.

Wikipedia is now a Brave Verified Publisher, Ready to Receive BAT Donations from Brave Users | Brave Browser

When you provide content on the Internet and try to earn revenue as compensation, most of it is advertising revenue. For this reason, the Internet is overflowing with advertisements, and there is always a clash between 'users who want to block advertisements' and 'content providers who want to display advertisements'.

Brave is trying to build a completely new business model. Brave comes standard with the ability to block ads on the browser, but in the location where the ad was blocked, another ad with a mechanism to distribute profits to content providers, users, network partners, and Brave. The method of putting is taken.

You can read more about how Brave works from the following article.

What is the new mechanism that the browser `` Brave '' that distributes profits to content providers and users while blocking advertisements-GIGAZINE

To be authenticated as a content provider, you must register with Brave as a content creator (authenticated publisher). Registration is possible from the following page.

Earn more for content you publish to the web-Brave Creators

“Becoming an authenticated publisher, Wikipedia has joined 240,000 publishers and creators on the Brave platform, and can receive Basic Attention Token (BAT) donations from 7 million active users per month. '' Brave has a donation system “Brave Rewards” based on BAT, a virtual currency released in 2017. According to Brave Rewards, Internet visitors can accumulate tokens each time they display advertisements, and provide the accumulated tokens to their favorite sites. Of course, you can donate the purchased BAT to the site in the same way as regular donations.

“We are pleased to welcome Wikipedia as a Brave certified publisher and to connect Wikipedia directly to an automated and anonymous donation system,” said Brave CEO Brendan Eich. Brave and Wikipedia will work together to build an ecosystem that supports great content without tracking and advertising and empowers creators and works. '

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