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We still don't know the name of the flower that we saw that day. ” “The heart wants to cry. ” “Written the promised flower in the goodbye morningSayuri Okada A special video of the original theatrical animation “ I want to be motivated only by you ” depicting the growth and conflict of high school boys has been released.

10/25 release “I want to be popular only with you. 」Special News PV [Official]-YouTube

The character design is “ HoneyWorks ” illustrator Yamako . Directed by Shun Kuto . The work will be released on Friday, October 25, 2019.

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Research to create eyes `` Bionic Eye '' that works perfectly with 3D printers-GIGAZINE

Clearly there is an unknown `` direct tunnel '' between the skull and the brain-GIGAZINE

Research results that `` sugar restriction diet '' to refrain from sugar intake is not good for the body-gigazine

Synchronized playback of images actually tested under the same conditions why the vortex is reversed in the northern and southern hemispheres-GIGAZINE

A manual `` Simple Sabotage Field Manual '' summarizing `` Fool's knowledge '' that CIA executed to infiltrate spies to drive enemy organizations to ruin-GIGAZINE

'Sengokudai auto campsite' with a jacuzzi & Wi-Fi that you can experience the aerial tent 'tent sail'-GIGAZINE

The mystery of the `` wandering rock '' phenomenon that moves unintelligibly in the `` death valley '' is finally solved-gigazine

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Permafrost is no longer permanent, what happens | National Geographic Japan Version Site

Rare species of mold, elementary school students walking around in free research discovered Niigata-Mainichi Newspaper

US aquarium succeeds in artificial breeding of Atlantic coral for the first time 9 photos in hope of protection International News: AFPBB News

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French authorities request Dentsu investigation of partner companies = Tokyo Olympics alleged fraud: current affairs dot com

Hong Kong government considers ordinance to restrict meetings ... Local newspaper coverage: International: Yomiuri Shimbun Online

NHK News criticizes Kenho Ren's hay fever treatment proposal for self-payment | NHK News

South Korean President “Japan should be honest” | NHK News

South Korea ’s president, President Moon Jae-in, said that the government ordinance for excluding Korea from export-preferential countries was effective on the 28th, “Japan must be honest. 'I am trying to streamline,' and blamed the Japanese government.

US officials request renewal of GSOMIA from Korea | NHK News

Regarding Korea ’s decision to abolish military information comprehensive protection agreement = GSOMIA with Japan, a senior US government official said, “It will adversely affect US security interests,” and asked Korea to renew GSOMIA. We asked both Japan and Korea to talk to improve relations.

Vice-Minister of South Korea asks US Ambassador to refrain from expressing disappointment to abandon Korea-Japan military agreement

At this seat, Mr. Zhao pointed out that the US government repeatedly expressed disappointment and concerns about this decision by the Korean government, pointing out that it was not helpful in strengthening the relationship between Korea and the United States, and that it was requested to restrain itself.

Forever 21 prepares for bankruptcy filing-officials-Bloomberg

Amazon's huge warehouse “Don't throw diapers” on men's toilets | NEWS Post Seven

'Nobody knows if it's made in China or Japan,' a method spoken by the whistleblower [Tracked in Japan]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Defendant Park Jae-hye and Samsung Top hearing back to high court = Korea Supreme Court | Yonhap News

Korea ’s Supreme Court Brings Back Bribery's Trial

[Unique] Advisor of government-affiliated company points to 5.1 billion yen successful bid Proposal is also written-FNN.jp Prime Online

Yokohama Municipal Subway Collides with Wall Caused by Driver's Sleep | Case Incident | Kanaroko by Kanagawa Shimbun

Hokkaido 'self-portrait' regulation nationwide first prison sentence also revealed draft ordinance | NHK News

WEB Special Accidents that Changed Society-The Two were All I Am | NHK News

`` Nose '' of the Shinkansen that grows Suppresses noise from speed up-Mainichi Newspaper

Shizuoka offshore US Aegis crash accident problem on the lookout Transport Safety Commission | NHK News

North Korean SLBM launch test preparations or US think tank analyzed | NHK News

An American think tank has revealed an analysis that North Korea may be preparing for an experiment on a SLBM-submarine-launched ballistic missile. It is possible that North Korea is accelerating missile development while President Trump is showing his attitude not to regard short-range missile launches as a problem.

British Prime Minister declares parliamentary closing Anti-Breggitt rebellion 6 photos International News: AFPBB News

Revenue increase if you stop working 24 hours Royal host work style reform | WOMAN SMART | NIKKEI STYLE

Sweden seeks 100-year bond issuance-leveraging historic low interest rates-Bloomberg

Suspicion for the sale of efficacy for cancer | NHK Kansai News

According to police investigations so far, “Shingen Medical” sells products containing ingredients called “fucoidan” to approximately 10,000 people including cancer patients nationwide, and sells about 2,870 million yen. However, it was not approved as a drug effective against cancer.
Police continue to investigate the actual situation of illegal advertising and sales.

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RADWIMPS Noda 'Such a crazy world, nature is painful' 'Lifetime does not last' ... STOP to suicide # Shindoi: Education, exams, job hunting: Yomiuri Shimbun Online

◆ IT / Gadget (Net / Soft / Hard / Mobile)
AWS failure Thinking about the problem where the failure was occurring even with the multi-AZ configuration-orangeitems's diary

A week has passed since last week's AWS failure.

In the first report, it was a problem of cooling mechanism in a specific data center in a specific availability zone.

However, no, no, the current point is that there was a story about being involved in obstacles even though we had a multi-AZ configuration, and it was different from the original story.

AWS officially acknowledges that there was a failure even in a redundant configuration | Nikkei xTECH (Cross Tech)

In addition to the addition of failed services, there are some failures (unexpected impacts) on systems that have been configured redundantly by users across multiple availability zones (highly independent data centers, AZ). Admitted.

Amended the explanation that even applications running in AWS and multiple availability zones were affected by large-scale failures. Additional report on large-scale failures in the Tokyo region-Publickey

NHK News

As a result of an investigation conducted by Nagoya University on an accident where an autonomous driving vehicle, which had been running in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, suddenly moved to the right and contacted a general car on the 26th of this month, the self-driving vehicle system was I found out that there was an accident.

I made a UTF-8 text editor for terminals from scratch with Rust-I want to be a program quickly

Microsoft announces new Excel function 'XLOOKUP'-successor to 'VLOOKUP' and 'HLOOKUP'

Required support for iOS 13

Summary of compensation system of cashless payment service-piyolog

19 useful tools for creating original services that I chose as a self-taught web service and started a business | Kazutaka @ programming self-taught people who started a business | note

Mahjong AI Microsoft Suphx achieves results comparable to top human players-News Center Japan

In June 2019, Microsoft's AI Microsoft Suphx (Super Phoenix) achieved the first 10th stage of AI on the Japanese online mahjong battle platform “Tengu” (https://tenhou.net/). Suphx is a mahjong AI developed by Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA), which is comparable to the strongest human player.

Business special feature Processing the video so far Does something you don't want to show disappear automatically? | NHK News

Amazon provides negative information behind the opposition to renting e-books at the library | HON.jp News Blog

'VRChat' recruits 'in-app economics' representatives ready for monetization |
MoguLive-Entertainment Media for “Enjoying Virtual”

AB Test Design and Operation with Gunosy ML Team-Gunosy Data Analysis Blog

◆ Anime, Games, Manga (Subcal)
How was the Saga series heresy “Unlimited: Saga” criticized and how did it overturn that reputation? Looking back on the 17-year history of walking with unimaginable players

Many voices convinced that the Japanese adventurer's guild is an agricultural cooperative.

You should read “Osamu Akimoto's work technique” because it is too much of an argument! ! -Togetter

[Hand drawn] How many dumbbells can you hold at climax girls after school? OP Sabipalo [Imus]-Nico Nico Douga

Shovel Knight Dig Trailer-YouTube

Shovel Knight: King of Cards Trailer-YouTube

Shovel Knight Showdown Trailer-YouTube

Makoto Shinkai “To meet my father ’s expectation that you ’re going to take over the company” | Topic | Women's public opinion.jp

“Ryu ga Gotoku” Director Nagoshi reveals heart surgery at the announcement of new work “Maybe I didn't die” | ORICON NEWS

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Tokyo Paramedal Design “Asahi Sun Flag Recollection” and Korean Group TBS NEWS

12 baseball teams active draft target list (Nani) players: Nanjiee Stadium @ NJ Summary

Carp Tanaka Kosuke's right knee meniscus partial resection surgery return time is unknown: 鯉 速 @Hiroshima Toyo Carp Summary Blog

Baseball Cat Viking: Goya Nakamura, over 100 RBIs

Hanshin / Yano Director “Gamer / Toriya” Missed 7 times with no good chance to nominate “I decided to over there”] Hanshin] Summary Taro!

20: If the wind blows, it will be anonymous 2019/08/29 (Thursday) 06: 17: 49.09 ID: CnWZXn1Na
Scoring area Toriya .030 (33-1)

24: Wind blowing if anonymous 2019/08/29 (Thursday) 06: 18: 50.25 ID: 8zvyPc420
I can hit the west more than now Toriya

27: Wind blowing if anonymous 2019/08/29 (Thursday) 06: 20: 01.93 ID: CnWZXn1Na
>> 24
Scoring West .182 (11-2)

What J PRIDE: Director Hanshin / Yano “Tomorrow I want to win by picking one point for anything”

37: If the wind blows no name 2019/08/29 (Thursday) 08: 22: 34.99 ID: RzOM + dg00
Pitcher Utsutani ← Well ...
Utano, Dai Utani ← Why?

[Entertainment] Karateka Irie, the planning company closed down and worked as a cleaning company Shibuya sweated to pick up trash] What J] Summary Taro!

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'Sof 'vanilla, chocolate vanilla, cheese' released | Akagi Dairy Co., Ltd.

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