The mysterious game `` KIDS '' that can intervene in the behavior of the crowd with one fingertip was no longer a game but an art work

“KIDS,” which intervenes in collective action caused by humans without facial expressions, has a strange atmosphere, although it looks simple, and it is completely unknown what kind of game it is. In addition to being released as an app for iOS and Android, it is also distributed from Steam and, so I tried playing to see what kind of game it was.


I tried playing the iOS version this time. Tap the red frame on the app page. The app is 360 yen for a fee, and there is no in-app purchase.

Tap 'Open' when the installation is complete.

When the game started, something like a big hole was displayed in the center.

Humans drawn simply while gathering footsteps ...

The crowd surrounded the hole in no time.

When you swipe the crowd, people with no face fall into holes.

The following movie shows that a human falls into a hole just by tracing with his fingertips.

Pushing everyone into the hole with `` KIDS '' intervening in group behavior-YouTube

When the last person falls into the hole ...

The scene turned into a dark space. A woman's crystal clear singing voice resonates, and many people fall down. By tapping humans, you can slow down the fall speed, but it doesn't change to the fate of “falling”.

In the fourth stage, humans pass through a long and narrow space as the heartbeat and water bubbles sound. It is a stage that reminds me of my body. You can swipe to get through quickly, but you can't go back. When you go through ...

I came out from a place like a hole.

The people in the game speak words, not just being manipulated. Subtitles are available in 11 languages including Japanese, but the audio is English only.

Sometimes acting in groups ...

It can be isolated.

The following movies are scenes that have been isolated scenes. You can see that the speed and direction change finely depending on where you touch. It can be avoided if you go forward, and the crowd chasing after you like Nojima from behind is sad.

`` KIDS '' intervening in collective behavior can be avoided from everyone-YouTube

Opposing opinions ...

There are scenes where you can lose to the majority, and there are scenes where you can get a glimpse of the human group psychology.

You can also interrupt the game by tapping the icon at the top right of the screen.

When paused, you can go to the menu screen and select the stage you have played so far.

Tap “←” in the upper right to return to the interrupted game.

'KIDS' is a work by Michael Frei and Mario von Rickenbach, who worked on ' Plug & Play ' in 2015. It consists of interactive animation rather than games, and it takes about 30-40 minutes for all stages. Can be played. Players can interfere somewhat with human behavior, but they can not change the flow of the place, such as `` fall into the hole '', `` fall '', `` you have to choose something by majority vote '' The point was associated with human weakness that could not deviate from collective behavior. Although it is a surreal view of the world, I felt that it was packed with a mysterious charm that I could not help thinking about what kind of animation was drawn.

'KIDS' is distributed at the time of article creation, 360 yen from iOS, 330 yen for Android, 310 yen for Steam, $ 2.98 from

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