Tatakana cat knocked on a whip

There is a game called "Molding Tataki" which hits a mole of moles coming out of many holes with a hammer to aim for a high score, but playing with making a "cat tattoi" that uses a kittens instead of a doll of a mole There seems to be a movie with it. It seems like a game of lightly suppressing the kittens coming out of the hole and returning it to the hole, but the kittens who got bored on the way escaped.

The sight of the kittens who put their heads out of the hole is very pretty, and there are attractions to see over and over.

Movie playback is from the following.
YouTube - Whack-A-Kitty

Next to the kittens' head,

Lightly hold back the kitty head and push it back into the hole.

Kittens getting tired and running away.

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