The biggest danger of space flight is `` Galaxy cosmic rays '' that penetrate the spaceship and destroy the brain



Most of the troubles in space flight depicted in science fiction, etc., are spacecraft failures and alien attacks. However, a research team at the University of California, Irvine has shown by experiment that radiation called ' galactic cosmic rays ' can be the greatest danger of space flight.

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'Galaxy cosmic rays' are atoms that have accelerated by leaving behind electrons and becoming only nuclei. Galactic cosmic rays fly from the Milky Way toward the outside of the solar system, and it is considered that there is a risk of being exposed to galactic cosmic rays in the deep universe far from the earth. The problem with galactic cosmic rays is that they cannot be prevented with spacecraft or space suits. Therefore, creatures in deep space are always exposed to galaxy cosmic rays.

The team conducted an experiment in which mice were irradiated with low-dose radiation similar to galactic cosmic rays for six months to simulate the effects of galactic cosmic rays on living organisms.



Six months later, the behavior of the mice was investigated, and it was found that mice exposed to low-dose radiation not only avoided other mice, but also recognized new toys or moved old toys. It seems that it takes time to do so, and behavior that can be painful is now seen. This result suggests that low-dose radiation negatively affected the cognitive ability of mice, resulting in learning and memory impairment.

The research team examined neurons in the mouse brain and discovered that the neurons were not functioning properly. The clear cause could not be identified, but the research team speculated that either the neurons themselves were finely damaged or the connections between neurons were completely broken.

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Although the research team said, “This experimental result is not a complete reproduction of the effects of galaxy cosmic rays in real space flight,” but when the experimental result in this mouse was applied to humans, “5 people on Mars If you send in an astronaut, one of them will suffer serious damage to cognitive function. '

Since galaxy cosmic rays are protected by the earth's atmosphere and magnetic field, there is no risk of exposure to galaxy cosmic rays on the earth.

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