A variety of figures of Rins of 'Cemricusa' with striking red hair

Several TV anime ' Cemrixa ' figures aired from January to March 2019 appeared at general dealers of Wonder Festival 2019 [Summer] .

7-20-09 ' Mel box ' is 'Rin' (9000 yen)

Together with the background panel, the 'Kemurikusa' will be enhanced.

4-29-04 '

Atikonian ' also 'Rin' (8000 yen). Is it a figure that challenges the fight against Nushi, with Chemrixa in hand?

'Ritsu' (5,000 yen). I feel that a gentle personality is appearing on my face.

6-12-18 'Shiro' for 'The Battle of Stacking Games'.

As a slightly different kind of item, 5-27-08 '

Hand Knitting Studio AppleTea ' discovered 'Rina Ball Knitting Strap'.

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