The figures lined up in the 'adult zone' that refuses to be under 18 years old look like this

Wonder Festival 2019 [Summer], the largest modeling festival in Japan , has a zone for adults that requires an ID card to enter, which is different from the general zone where anyone can enter. I tried to summarize the works lined up in the adult zone where 18 prohibited adults including naked and half-naked are crowded.

Let's start with the commercial booth. 1-06-01 The first thing I found at the native booth was an original work called 'Injection! Sakurako-san'. The illustration is by mebae , and the prototype is by Mansai Brown.

The illustration of 'Nora' connected to the chain is

Fumikane Shimada , and the prototype is made by Apira .

'Miyu' was created by

saitom as an illustrator and Kimofu as a prototype.

The situation of sitting inside the train is made into a figure as it is. All of the above three works are under supervision whose release date and price are undecided.

There was also a BL work. A two-shot on the sofa with Riku Kurose and Tadaomi Shirotani of '

10 Count'.

It looks like this when you change the angle. The illustration is by

Rihito Takarai and the prototype is by Sato . The release date and price are undecided.

'Wisdom mom' with carrots in both hands. It is a work that starts accepting reservations in August 2019, and the price is undecided.


IshiMegumi 's, Sculpted by the BINDing .

Yukino and Rio from the left. Illustration

MaTaro a Mr., prototype production is BINDing. The release date and price are undecided.

'Glossy figure' is scheduled to start accepting reservations in the summer of 2019, the price is undecided. The illustration is

Mr. Fufukuro , and the prototype is Mr. Manju Atsushi.

It feels like there is no hail when changing the angle.

A girl chained to Paul.

'Charming figure肆' is illustrations

heaven three months Hanashigai Mr. Sculpted in's. The price is 18,000 yen excluding tax and reservations are being accepted.

Aoi from '

Nanairo Reincarnation'. Both release date and price are undecided. The illustration is by Kohaku Sumeragi , and the prototype is by hermit crab .

Even the melted and dripping ice cream is well expressed.

'Wild catgirl daughter Savannah Wilder' is an illustration by

Tony and prototyped by Shingo Ozawa .

It's uncolored, but ...

The illustration that is the basis of the figure looks like this.

Misa Suzuhara from the Magical Girl series. The illustration is by

RAITA , and the prototype is made by Lesbian. Mr. Zero Six.

The original illustration looks like this ...

The swimsuit of the figure was torn.

Reservations are scheduled to start in the fall of 2019, and the price is undecided.

'Cosplay Girl Little Red Riding Hood' lying on the sofa is a pinup of comic E × E, the illustration is

Hougu Souji , and the prototype is Weeping willow.

A wolf is lying down at the feet of Little Red Riding Hood.

Little Red Riding Hood bites the edge of the shirt with a slightly embarrassed expression.

In addition, a large number of 18 prohibited works were exhibited at

the Alphamax , SkyTube , and STP joint booths on 1-02-01.


Yu Usada pink ver. Illustration by saitom ' will be released in March 2020. Prototype production is EGG. The original illustration is what you can see behind ...

The swimsuit had come off the figure.

'Wedding Girl (provisional) illustration by

parsley ' was prototyped by TOMO. This work is under the supervision of the copyright owner.

I feel particular about the completely different texture of veil and lingerie.


Fubin Akuma-chan illustration by rurudo' is also a work under the supervision of the copyright owner. Prototype production is 2%. Akuma-chan is pulling her shirt with suspenders.


Spring Plum Chun-Mei Topaz ver , illustration by Tony' will be released in December 2019.

Although it is an 18-ban zone, the following clothes figures are also lined up.

An array of whistles.

Seen from the front, it looks like this.


Dai-Yu illustration by Tony ', prototype production is EGG. It is a work that will be announced soon.

'Hurdle Girl (Tentative) illustration by

Kekemotsu ' is prototyped by zac. This is also a work under the supervision of the copyright owner.

The illustration looks like this.

When it becomes three-dimensional, the flesh is emphasized considerably.

'Fukiishi Hana' and 'Fuyutsuki Mari Ver.3' are both illustrated by

Kurehito Misaki and prototyped by HIRO. This work is under the supervision of the copyright owner.

In the case of Fukiishi Hana, you can glimpse the front from the side, but ...

In the case of Mari Fuyutsuki, she's completely facing backwards, so I'm wondering what's going on in front of her ...

'Sara Hatano' is also illustrated by Kurehito Misaki and prototyped by HIRO.

Akane Shinjo of '

SSSS.GRIDMAN'. Prototype production is 2%. Under supervision of the copyright source.

I'm trying to put my smartphone in the valley.

Takara Rokka

In addition, general creators are also focusing on 18 prohibited works. 8-11-02 At the

Orca Toys booth, I found the strong Amazon of 'Dragon's Crown'.

The prototype was produced by Tsuyoshi Takahashi, who has

a cup of sake for the first time. This is a reference exhibit.

A sharp look.

I feel particular about the texture of the muscles.

'Keiko Hinayama ver2 : from ~ Selfish boyfriend and unfussy girlfriend ~ Creator is Pija:' appearing in Pija 's comic 'Hey, ... Shiyo', prototype production by Daisuke Manno (Obstetrics and Gynecology M)


cover girl Hina Nanami from Takeshobo 'Namaiki!' Prototype production is Mr. Rei Cramsey.


Enma Drop is 'Squid Navy One-san'. Of this your Ne Mr. cartoonist depicting such as 'Grim Reaper! Tahi-chan' pollen 's original character.

Although it looks bewitching, the gender is unknown. Painted and assembled, it costs 8000 yen.


R17? 'Hyaka Tsukushi Akihito Original'. The prefabricated resin kit costs 9000 yen.

Comic Unreal Cover Girl's 'Wet Sheer Little Devil Eve: speclll Comic Unreal Vol.50 Cover Girl designed by Mogudan silver', prototype produced by Kazushi Kawasaki .

Color variations are silver and gold.

Seen from the front, it looked like this.

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