18 years old or younger Admission prohibited ・ Wonder Festival 2019 [Winter] items of adult space

Garage Kit Festival-At the Wonder Festival, most of the items sold are for all ages, but some are for adults, and are displayed in areas restricted to the age of 18 and under. The sale is done. This time, I briefly summarized what items were lined up in the restricted area booth.

For people under 18 years old, enjoy

the other general items of Wonder Festival 2019 [Winter] .

8-03-02 ' AIM ' to 'Inari JK Tamamo!'

While smiling, the left hand is fox-shaped.

8-11-05 '

KYW + Kaki's Factory ', Mr. Ueno (4000 yen), 'Mr. Ueno is clumsy'.

A mirror was placed at the foot, so I thought, 'Well, I was protected by dark matter in the skirt,' and I was no guard. This time is not tights and equipped with high socks?

8/12/1/7 'Malaysia knight Ingrid' (13,000 yen / prototype: Satoshi Ishiyama ) of 8-12-01 ' four-dimensional set '.

8-11-03 '

DNG ' 'Expelled from Paradise-' Angela Balzac (13,000 yen)

Distinctive suit is reproduced in clear parts

The volume of fluttering hair is considerable.

8-09-08 '

GEP Studio ', 'Frankfurt' (300 yen) that baked carefully selected materials in two-component mixture crisply. This is a really nice Frankfurt.

8-04-03 is not 'Wonder Show Case' but 'Wonder Spoof

Show Case '. The parody project of Wonder Showcase has formal permission, but it is unofficial.

As with the Wonder Show Case, three archeologists have been elected. # 010

Medijyushi ' Ninfetto ' (12,000 yen)

# 011

H Saburo 'Korekune [kore-kune] ~ balloons and girl ~'

# 012

s-mist 'JK Elina'

WsSC Original Character Spoof Set-chan (WsSC Plus Matsusakaya Pol)

WsSC Original Character WF Gael (2000 yen / WsSC Plus

Koyama Atsushi)

If you think that you smile like you saw somewhere ... ....

8-05-05 ' vacation Chanchi ', the Fujin Raijin was made on the theme of image, ' wind god of thunder wind ', ' wind god of thunder thunder ' (WF Price: 20,000 yen / upcoming / 22,000 yen + tax ).

8-08-04 'Modeler Gonsuke ' Kamogawa Kogene (8000 yen)

8-02-01 '

Q-six ' had display cases lined up on the wall, and it was a big photo shoot meeting waiting for the turn.

, 'Shinobi master Senran Kagura NEW LINK' Yukisen (1/7 scale / Release: To be determined / Price: To be determined / Prototype: Norgreco (Q-six))

It is finely reproduced to frills.

'Welcome to the Skeve Elf Forest' Ivelyn Kelebrian (1/6 scale / Release: To be determined / Price: To be determined / Prototype: Norgreco (Q-six))

De force body pressure is great ....

Even in the commercial booth, there is a space where the age is checked after pulling out the curtain to hide it from the outside. First of all, 1-09-01 '


The inside looks like this

'I want you to show me pants with a disgusting face,' Chitose Ito (illustration by 40 Hara / 1/6 scale / Prototyper: TOMO / 監 40 / © 40 Hara). The original illustration looks like this ...

The moment of aversion is three-dimensional.

'Neko Para' Vanilla (illustration by Sayori / 1/6 scale / Prototype: 2% / Under copyright supervision / © NEKO WORKs All Rights Reserved.) And 'Neko Para' chocolate (illustration by Sayori / 1/6 scale / The original master: 2% / Under copyright supervision / © NEKO WORKs All Rights Reserved.) Was an exhibition of only silhouettes.

It seems that the tail crossing the heart shape of the original illustration is completely reproduced.

'COMIC Amida' Yuuki Susumu (illustration by Fukisaki Kurehito / 1/6 scale / Prototyper: HIRO / 権 © © / © Fukasaki Kurehito / Hit Publishing Company)

Baseball girl (illustration by Mataro / 1/6 scale / prototype teacher: 2% / edition under the supervision of Gongen / © Martaro)

1-10-01 ' Native '

Here too, the figures and original illustrations are arranged at the left and right.

Chia Sister (provisional) (Illustration: Ito Life / Prototype: Roin / Release date to be determined / Price undecided / © Ito Life)

Louis Akasaka (Illustration: Butcher U / Original model: Justice (MouseUnit) / Now accepting reservations at Native Store / Tax-included 18800 yen / © Butcher U)

October 31 witches Miss Oranjet (Illustration: Iida Pochi / Original model: Mr. Soga (Mowano) / Release date undecided / Price undecided / © Iida Pochi.)

Female Knight Valerie (Illustration: Inoe Shinsuke / Prototype: Aoi / Release Date To Be Determined / Price To Be Determined / © Inoe Shinsuke)

Just looking from the side of the leg makes an eye.

Gloss Figure (Illustration: Tsukino Nowa Gamo / Original model: Tennozu Airu / Now accepting reservations at the Native Store / Tax-included 16000 yen / © Tsuno Nowa Gamo)

Such a feeling when it went directly behind, it was 'disapproved'.

'Chassius Idea ZERO' Manma Kasama, Manama Kurumi (Illustration: Water Ryu Takada / 2019 summer reservation acceptance start / Price undecided / © Water Ryu Taka / Core magazine)

The water dragon polite

Ahe face is beautifully three-dimensional.

'Absolutely Pure White Magical Girl -Metamorphose to Sailor Jewel!-' SECOND AX Equation HENTAI ACTION Kuramoto Erika (Illustration: RAITA / Original: Takao Kinoshita (Ikrie) / Release date to be determined / Price undecided / © Absolute Girl / RAITA)

Since this series is a 'sensible figure', it is possible to take various poses.

'Neko Para' Coconut, Azuki (Illustration: Sayori / Prototype: BINDing / Release date to be determined / Price to be determined / © 2019 NEKO WORKs All Rights Reserved.)

Coconuts making up the skirt

Azuki whose skirt is muddy by nature at the tail

'Fetish BOY' man's niece of a man-茉-(Illustration: Nem Nem / Prototype: BINDing / reservation at Native Store / 27,000 yen including tax / © Nem Nem))

Have a good look

'Merlon Book Tapestry' Double Tapestry Tapestry (provisional) (illustration: Pan! / Original model: makoto / 2019 reservation acceptance schedule will start / price undecided / © Pan! / MELONBOOKS)

'Pure Blood Device' Rothweisse (Illustration: Mochi / Prototype: Grizzly Panda / 2019 reservation start schedule / Price to be determined / © Mochi / Circle Rin

'My House's Anti-Shinobu Shiritsu Liliana-san' Anti-Shinobu Shiritsu Liliana's (Illustration: Tatsumi / Prototype: Bus Ji Max / Reservation at the Native Store / Tax-included 17,800 yen / © 葵 渚 / LiLiTH), the original illustration looks like this

It is three-dimensional as it is an outstanding style

What a weird expression

Form a beautiful curve

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