A figure that is in line with the refused "adult" booth for those who are in trouble with the eye's bare 18 years old

Numerous figures and plastic models are on display at the "Wonder Festival 2017 [Winter]" held at Makuhari Messe on February 19, 2017, but the general exhibits are completely isolated "adults For booth "exists. When I stepped in to the "adult-oriented" booth, there was a refusal atmosphere less than 18 years old to embarrass the stance of the eye.

Firstly at the commercial boothSky TubeI came to the booth. Commercial booth 'adult' area is divided by curtain, and there are many figures in it. this isMisaki FukasakiA 1/6 scale deco mass of the cover illustration "Yuzuki Nana" of a comic book Akira Mr. handles illustrations.

A blouse and a tie are bare.

"Yuuki Yukina" is a work under supervision, release date and price etc. are not known at the present time.

This is also a cover picture of Mr. Fukasaki's comic Aki "Fuyuki Mari Ver.2 (under supervision)"

Parts with different expressions from this face are supposed to be attached.

What came the nextnativeBooth.A gloom of a gloom"- SECRET STAGE - Hoshizaki Hoshiaki" which Mr. Illustrates.

Mr. Takayuki Kondo is the prototype production.

The reception has started in the spring of 2017, and the price is undecided.

Mr. ERIMO handles illustration "Ushima nice meat"

Mr. Sakurako Ishiko is the prototype production. Release timing and price are undecided.

From here we enter the general booth. I had a store on table number 8-02-01Q-sixLimited Edition "Mizutazuki Lara"

"Mizutararo Lara" is a one-festival venue limited sale tax included 12,000 yen.

"Euphoria" 'Middle-aged'

It is very realistic that the flesh of the arms that the rope has bitten into is rough. Both price and release date are undecided.

The last one to come is the table number 8-09-01Orca toys.Okayama figure · engineeringThe new figure "Takaoka Mizuki: creator deity by Bokushi ver. Beer server (temporary)" is on display.

This is a reference exhibit.

Next to the exhibition was "Takaoka Mizuki: creator deity by Bokushi ver. Beach Vibe Balloon (Tentative)". It is a reference exhibit as well as a ver. Beer server.

"My black sister can not be this cute" from "Black black cat striped nekimi ver.Second cute"

It is said that orders are coming soon.

From "LOVERS ~ Fall in love ... ~" "Rie Kawai ver. Find" and "Rie Kawai ver. Find II" are rotating.

Release date and price will be announced soon.

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