Pure White Knight Princess "Saber Lily" Figure in Wonder Festival 2008 [Summer]

Software for PS 2 that was exhibited at the Good Smile Company booth at Wonder Festival 2008 [Summer]Fate / unlimited codesSP-BOX "wrapped in white armor like dress" Saber Lily "figures introduced. In addition, Mr. Satoshi Toda (Kagutschy Park of Dreams) was decorated with a 1/8 scale saver that produced prototype.

Details are as below. White saver that appeared as an additional costume in the game.

Upper body. I have a tough face.

Expanding lower body.


An achromatic figure was also placed.

Sidebar next to them is Saber figure of 1/8 scale which Mr. Satoshi Toda (Kagutschy Park of Dreams) made prototype. Release is scheduled for December 2008.

Saber with a smile.

With fine making, depth shadows are appearing.

Head parts attached to the first lot of 1/8 scale · saver. Mr. Kimoto Kuramoto (Millimeter modeling) is the prototype production.

Metal charm of "Fate / Zero" was also displayed as a company booth selling item of comic market 74 held this month.

Metal charm of weapons "Excalibur" and "Thompson Contender" of the protagonists of "Fate / Zero".

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