Wonder festival for which admission is under 18 years of age 2018 [Winter] Items in adult space

A garage kit festival · I tried to summarize what kind of items were lined up in 'adult space' where 18 years old or under does not enter at Wonder Festival. For those under 18 years oldOther articles on Wonder Festival 2018 [Winter]Please enjoy!

The wall side of the 8th hole furthest away from the entrance, the other side separated by a fence is "Area forbidding admission under 18". One exclusive entrance and exit is provided and at the entrance it is necessary to present a thing that can confirm the birth date such as a driver's license.

8-04-05 "AIM". "Inari shop JK Tamamo chanFrom Fumi Tama Tama (7000 yen) in uniform.

I make foxes by hand. In addition, although other items are adult, they are located in this area, but the Tamamo chan itself is a healthy item.

8-10-02 "Orca toys"I saw at"Hayate the combat butler!"Katsura Hinagiku cat ver. & Sanzenin Nagi cat ver .. In both cases the original type is Zetsuzu.

A daisy with a four-sided pose

Nagi is a retrospective pose. The tail seems to be wearing at the caterpillar Atari.

© Kenjiro Hata / Shogakkan / HAYATE PROJECT

"Mr. Annett - Mr. Annett's house of my house" ("Nearby house AnnettFrom "/ prototype: Masaaki Kobayashi (Orca toys) / © Aoi Nagisa)" Please wait until detailed announcement ".

"Haruno Rei ver. Marshmallow HIYAKEATO" ("Intense - KAN -/ Prototype: Kawasaki Kazufumi / © SATOSHI URUSHIHARA / STUDIO PLUG / COMIC HOUSE)

"Yuko Tanaka inJUNKLAND" ("JUNKLANDFrom: / prototype: Clamsy Zero / © 2012 Paper Circle / Core Magazine)

It is a figure reproducing the cover illustration of a book.

8-09-02 "Desperate partySunburn (6000 yen)

From the smiley mouth, peek at the tip of a pointed tooth.

8-01-04 "Real figure cheering team RA masked girl

Kozo woman (prototype:Kazunori Oyama)

Likewise Koza women, this isRio Kosugipaint.

8-06-06 "Suoma Rice Tut". "Kokoro Lister!More than Masao Mariko 1/7 "(8000 yen including tax / © Q - X)

Lower the line of sight a little, you can see the inside of the skirted skirt.

8-01-01 "Q-six"of"Shiina Chihari Sky Blue ver."("I am stupid but only ○ ○ ○ ○ × sucking is not goodFrom: / prototype: Norgureco (Q-six) / tax not included 14,800 yen / to be released in May 2018)

Shiina Chiarei Minimal Distribution Limited Edition("It's stupid but ◯ × ◯ × sucking only is better than sukiya chan" / prototype: Norgureco (Q-six) / tax not included 14,800 yen / scheduled to be released in May 2018)

Shiina Shiina("It's stupid but ◯ × ◯ × sucking only is better than sukiya chan" / prototype: Norgureco (Q-six) / tax not included 14,800 yen / scheduled to be released in May 2018)

When arranging 3 kinds, it is a masterpiece

"Evelyn" ("Welcome! To the forest of Skebe Elf/ Prototype: Norgureco (Q-six) / price undecided / not yet released)

"Morning Mamori" (prototype: Norgureco (Q-six) / price undecided / announced undecided).There is seven herbs'S original character.

"Nonozaka Nana" (prototype: Kondo Kakaki (Wonderful Works) / price undecided / not yet released). This isTomoseshunsak'S original character.

"Pacola" (From "Oyoyo! Water Lushan Land" / original type: Norgureco (Q-six) / price undecided / released yet to be released). Water Lushan LandWater RyuheiCreatedA mysterious theme park that it is in a far away worldso,Adult games&Adult animationIt has been.

8-05-09 "Solid LabSheila


It was consigned for sale at the AIM booth,S-MIST"Wet transparent sheer JK JK Eli Lan submersible pumped parts attached edition". It is 1/4 scale, 18,000 yen. At the venue the water was circulating indeed.

1-11-01 "native"...

All booths are "forbidden to enter under 18" and age verification is required when entering the booth.

Act as a cosplayer and so onUshima nice meatA three - dimensional illustration of the illustrations drawn as a model was performed. This is the original illustration ......

When it becomes three-dimensional it is like this. "Ugijima nice meat in the figure country"(An illustration:ERIMO/prototype:Isako Ishiko/ Reservation accepted at native store / 17,800 yen including tax / © native × Ushji nice meat)

A curved look like a bow from side to side

We are accepting reservations until 19 o'clock on Friday, April 19, 2018.

"Elaine" (Illustration:Tony/ Prototype: Teruyuki / release timing undecided · price undecided / © Tony)

"Natsumi" (Illustration:saitom/ Prototype: apilla / release timing undecided · price undecided / © saitom)

It is a figure cut out one cut during shooting.

"Bunny BOY Amber& &Bunny BOY Black(From "Fetish BOY" / Illustration: Yoshiko / coloring sample production: Goshikichi Ayumu Yaegashi / 3980 yen each tax / © Yokohama / Shoshenka on BLUE comics)

Pleasantly white limbs are attractive.

"Annette" (Illustration:Aoi Beach/ Original: Hokkaido / Scheduled acceptance of reservation for 2018 / Price to be determined / © Aoi Nagisa) & "Liliana(Illustration: Aoi Nagisa / prototype: Psujimax / scheduled acceptance of reservation for 2018 / price to be fixed / © 2018 Lilith / Aoi Nagisa)

The original illustration looks something like this

Annett in pole dance form

Liliana in I-balance state with one foot high

I am kicking away from a position higher than my head.

Those who are thinking about visiting the adult space of Wonder Festival from the next time, please do not forget what you can remember birthdays.

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