Wonder Festival 2023 [Summer] Various items in the adult zone for those under 18 years old

Wonder Festival, a festival of garage kits and modeling, has an ``Adult Zone'' where entry is prohibited for those under 18 years of age. I actually saw what kind of items were lined up in the adult zone.

Items containing direct erotic and graphic expressions will not appear immediately, but such items will appear later in the article, so please be careful when browsing.

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A portion of Makuhari Messe's 8th hall is designated as an adult zone. The adult zone is in the back left of the photo, and the cosplayer's cloakroom is in the foreground.

There is a gate like this at the entrance to the adult zone, and you must prove that you are 19 years of age or older with an official document such as a driver's license.

Even though it is an adult zone, not all items in each booth are intended for adults; if even one of the items scheduled to be exhibited falls under the category of adult-oriented, the booth will be placed in the adult zone. For this reason, there are cases where items for general audiences are mixed into the adult zone.

For example, on 8-24-04 ' Enma Drop ' there were two Precures from 'Healing Good♥Precure!' lined up.

Cure Grace (10,000 yen)

Cure Sparkle (10,000 yen)

8-21-03 '

The seat next to Owen ' is 'Mihono Bourbon' from Uma Musume Pretty Derby (12,000 yen → 10,000 yen, original model/color: Izuki)

8-23-11 '

Atelier It ' had many items lined up, but at Chun-Li & Han Juri's feet there was a warning in three languages saying, 'Please do not use the images you have taken for auctions, etc.' A note was placed there.

8-27-01 '

Hangan Kobo ' was distributing 'Not fot resale' stickers.

8-24-09 '

DNG ' original 'Manako 03 (Idol)' (8000 yen)

8-23-15 '

bbdd ' has 'Umiu Standard Color' (8000 yen) and 'Umiyu Custom No.002 Leucochloridium' (10,000 yen). Leucochloridium is a parasite that is known to control snails .

8-27-02 '

Ura Grizzly Panda ' includes the item '1/7 Scale Figure Manga Artist Crimson ' which is a figure of the real manga artist Crimson (DMM mail order limited bonus version 34,100 yen including tax, regular version tax included) 31,900 yen, prototype: grizzly panda, coloring: bamboo, manufacturer: MIC Co., Ltd.).

8-26-05 '

R17? ''s 'Fapta Made in Abyss' (15,000 yen).

8-25-02 'Hebi Onna' (400,000 yen), which is a one-off from ' KIWAMI '

Name unknown (30,000 yen)

Below, items that seem to be aimed at adults will gradually increase.

8-26-06 ' IWGK ' had 'Adult Pen Stand DX' (3000 yen)

8-26-09 ' Totono Manufacturing ' menu. When selling torture items, the following message is attached: ``I affirm the joy of bullying girls. Not you. I want to see it.''

'T-02 Slave Trader's Cage' (50,000 yen)

'T-03 Iron Virgin' (10,000 yen)

'Torture Rack' (9,000 yen) and 'T-10 Nagging Woman's Violin' (4,000 yen)

8-22-15 “Inumaru” “Original Kit Mermaid” (10,000 yen)

8-26-10 New product from 'Kesarampasaran', event limited kit Nurse (10,000 yen)

8-22-12 'Magic Hand' features Misa-nee from the 'Magical Girl' series, an original content from illustrator

RAITA 's circle 'Zettai Shoujo.'

8-22-02 '

APFSDS ' has Ilya's 'sitting peace version' (7000 yen).

8-28-02 '

Eitine Co., Ltd. ' has '' Hypnotic sex guidance ' Rena Kurashiki illustration by Ai Land' (25,800 yen including tax, release date July 2023, original model: iTANDi (collect) , Coloring: AZ, ©2019 “Hypnotic Sex Guidance” Production Committee/Ifiwouka)

It has also been decided that Reina's mother, Reika, will be made into a figure.

“Brown Vampire Yo-chan illustration by Yuki” (temporary output exhibit, price: TBA, release date: TBA, prototype: Agito, ©Yuki)

The original illustration looks like this.

8-29-02 Lucoa from '

Miss Kobayashi's Maid Dragon ' on ' Q-Six ' (Release: TBD, Price: TBD, Prototype: Norgreco (Q-six), Coloring: K2 (GILLGILL), ©Cool Kyoto Shinsou/ Futabasha)

Cocoa from the doujinshi '

Kuro Gal Maid Inma, Eat Goshu. ' (Release: TBD, Price: TBD, Prototype: Norgreco (Q-six), © Issa Miyamoto)

'Iku Original Ami-chan' (Release: TBD, Price: TBD, Prototype: Norgreco (Q-six), ©Iku)

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