I'm not ashamed because the second period is also not a pant 'Strike Witches' figures That's it

Popular in the air from July 2010 "Strike Witches 2". The second term is also "It's not embarrassing because it's not pants!"As a flag, there is a sight that trousers that are not pants fly around the screen, but of course the figure popularity is not waning, of course this timeWonder Festival 2010 [Summer]But many corporate and general witches were three-dimensionalized.

Details are as below.
1-24-02 "Aharu AkabushidoGertrud Barkhorn lieutenant

2-24-05 "Hamutita StudioMeena Dietrinde Wilke

Eila Ilmatar Utarainen

Sanya · V · Litvyak

Lynette Bishop

Kotobukiya "Erika · Hartmann" on sale, 7140 yen.

Kotobukiya "Gertrud Barkhorn" scheduled to be released in August, 7140 yen.

Three of the Good Smile Company

Nendoroid Plus "Miyafu Yoshika Fuso Empire Navy Sailing Equipment Specification" scheduled to be released on July 29, 15,299 yen.

Nendoroid "Linette · Bishop" Price TBD

Figma "Yoshika Miyafu" scheduled to be released in November, price to be determined

Sega's prize "Strike Witches Extra Figure Vol.2" Erica & Gelt Route, Appeared in August

"Strike Witches Extra Figure Vol. 3" Linette & Perine, appearing in January 2011

Amiami "Perine / Clostermann" Price to be determined

"Francesca Lucchini" 6920 yen

"Yoshika Miyafu" 6550 yen

"Charlotte E · Yeager" 6980 yen

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