Variety rich variety of "K-on!" Figures such as Santa Clothing Yui, Bunny's Tsumugi, Make-up Ruler, Cat's Ear Azu-nyan etc. Summary

From the broadcast of TV anime "K-ON!" 2009, it became a popular series that can be said to be a social phenomenonK-ON. This time,Wonder Festival 2011 [Winter]I attempted to collect the items related to Kion which were exhibited in the exhibition.

Details are as below. Sega's "Keio !!" UFO Catcher Booth.

From Sega Prize, one festival 2011 Winter venue limited prize "Hirasawa Yui"

One Fest 2011 Winter venue limited prize "Nakano Azusa"

"K-ON !! Premium figure" WINDMILL "" Schedule to appear in summer 2011, prototype "zenko / sulfur spring"

"K-on !! Extra figure Hirasawa Yui" to be released in April 2011, prototype "ATUMI / Heavy Gage"

"K-on !! Extra Figure Kotobuki Tsumugi" scheduled to appear in April 2011, prototype "ATUMI / Heavy Gage"

From Alter, "Taikai Ritsu -" K-on! "" Scheduled to be released in February 2011, 12,200 yen (tax included), prototype "Tanaka Senshin"

From the first stage glorious liquor, "Nakano Azusa - summer cloth ver. ~" Sold out, prototype "Mustang"

From February Hill and Shin Etsu Yoguraku, "Thunder Wing Set"'s "Akiyama Mio" 500 yen

From Azone, "Pureneimo Character Series No.42 Hirasawa Yumi" to be released in June 2011, price undecided, currently being supervised

From Freeing, "Kotobuki Tsuyuki Bunny ver." Scheduled to be released in the summer of 2011, price unknown, prototype "FREEing"

"Hirasawa Yui" to be released in June 2011, 7800 yen, prototype "Nakayama (Max Factory)"

"Kotobuki Tsumugi" scheduled to be released in May 2011, 8800 yen, prototype "Nakayama (Max Factory)"

From Movic, "Akiyama Mio original costume ver." Now on sale, 7140 yen, prototype "white beard wound"

"Nakano Azusa" one festival precedent sale, 7140 yen, prototype "Sho Ogata"

From the gift, "1. Hirasawa Yui" (left), "2. Akiyama Mio" (right), one festival preceding sales, 1800 yen each (event price) of "Keio Plush Doll Strap"

From the mega house, "Mascot relief magnet K-on !!" released in May 2011, manufacturer suggested retail price 504 yen

From blonde parrot, 'Tianaka Ritsu' now on sale, 8000 yen

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