Evangelion Total Summary One Fest 2011 [Winter] ~ Character Edition ~

Wonder Festival 2011 [Winter]I gathered items related to Evangelion that appeared in. Surprisingly the number was small, but all the exhibited works are of high quality and elaborate workmanship.

Details are as below. From Sega Prise, "Evangelion New Theatrical Feature Premium Figure Girl with Chair" will appear in March, Asuka original: Asuka "Hiroshi / Sakura Front", Lei "Ishizuka Gen / Ikazeuru"

"Evangelion New Theatrical Feature Premium Figure Vol 4" scheduled to appear in July, prototype "NaKA / Heavy Gage"

From Max Factory, "Exhibition / Asuka / Langley" reference exhibit, prototype "Chile Wari"

From Kotobukiya, "Rei Ayanami - Plug suit style. ~" Scheduled to be released in April, 7140 yen, prototype "Rokkura" and "Formula Wave · Asuka · Langley ~ Plug suit style. ~" Prototype "right Kura".

"Nagisa Kaoru - plug suit ver. ~" To be released in 2011, price unknown, prototype "white mustache"

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