Evangelion Total Summary One Fest 2011 [Winter] ~ Eva Hen ~

Wonder Festival 2011 [Winter]Appeared inArticle to collect items related to EvangelionIn the latter half of the second half of the year, objects related to Eva itself, such as the first machine, the No.0 machine, and the No.2 machine, are covered here. With the release of the theatrical version, a new theater version of aircraft such as Unit 3 and Temporary Unit 5 has also appeared.

Details are as below. "Evangelion New Theatrical Premium EVA Series Figure" scheduled to appear in May from Sega Prise

Likewise, "Evangelion RT first machine Apple Shiden"

From Kaiyodo, "Evangelion Evolution Evangelion first machine" now on sale, suggested retail price 3480 yen

"Evangelion Evolution Evangelion No. 2" released on March 15, 2011, suggested retail price 3480 yen

"Evangelion Evolution Evangelion No. 0 machine (reform)" released on May 15, 2011

"Evangelion Evolution Evangelion Unit 3" released on July 15, 2011

'Evangelion Evolution Evangelion temporary 5' released on September 15, 2011

From RIOBOT CREATION, "Evangelion first machine"

From Revoltech Yamaguchi, "Revoltech Daito 2 Eva First Machine Clear ver." Now on sale, 2780 yen

From EVA RACING, "Evangelion RT first machine TRICK ☆ STAR"

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