An Internet service 'ReviewMeta' that not only determines Amazon's fraudulent review but also details 'Why was it judged fraudulent review?'

Amazon displays 'star' which is the recommendation degree of the reviewer for the product because 'for reference at the time of purchase'. However, those who took it to the contrary have begun to post a large number of 5 star reviews on their products, and the credibility of the reviews is shaken. ' ' is a service that not only determines how many false reviews there are, but also gives detailed information on the reason why the reviews of this product can not be trusted. Review Checker

When the official page is accessed, 'The analysis result by ReviewMeta is just an estimate' 'The judgment result that there is no abnormality / attention needed / abnormality' does not indicate 'fake review' 'ReviewMeta is Amazon or a specific You will not receive the money from the brand / retailer. ' Click 'I understand and agree' to agree with the instructions.

The top page of looks like this. Although ReviewMeta is

available in iOS application version, Android application version , and versions of extensions such as Chrome and Firefox, this time we will use ReviewMeta from the web browser. Simply enter the URL of the Amazon product page in the search column at the top or middle of, and click on the side of 'RUN REPORT' or 'GO'.

So, this time, we will actually investigate the reviews of the Bluetooth earphones for which 319 customer reviews have been posted.

Here's how the distribution of stars in the 319 customer reviews looks like. In total, it is rated 4.2 out of 5 stars.

According to the review, there is only 4.2 stars, and basically it is a highly acclaimed storm. However, there were also multiple reviews of casual Japanese.

If you examine this product in ReviewMeta, its true rating is 3.5, not 4.2 stars. About 75% of the reviews are 'unnatural reviews'.

The 'Report Card' column had a list of reasons. 'Rating Trend' and 'Suspecious Reviews', which are represented by 'FAIL' and a red icon, indicate 'the factor that the review of this product is suspicious'. On the other hand, 'Unverified Purchases' represented by 'PASS' and a green icon are not abnormal.

You can also see the details of the reason. 'Most Trusted Reviews / Least Trusted Reviews' provides a better view of the 'most trusted reviews' and 'the most untrusted reviews' from the reviews.

This is the most untrustworthy review. At first glance it does not look like a strange review ...

For ReviewMeta's judgment on this review, indications such as 'This product only posted a review', 'The average value of stars is too high', and 'Posted on the day when a large number of reviews occurred'. ReviewMeta seems to judge 'reliability' comprehensively for several reasons.

If you look at the graph of 'Rating Trend (the transition of the review posting date)', you can see that there was a large amount of reviews posted around June 2019. According to the lower left column, 12 days of each review was posted on the 6th and 20th June 2019, 'the day with the most reviews'. On the lower right, the average value of stars for mass posting reviews is displayed, and the value is star 4.8. It is the result which considerably exceeded the average value 4.3 in other period.

'Overlapping Review History' will display 'Items reviewed by this product reviewer'. Applicable products include mobile batteries, headsets, earphones, etc., but they were all branded products that we have never heard of.

If you use the Android smartphone app '

Review Detective ' with the similar function reviewed earlier, the true rating of this Bluetooth earphone is that the star 1.7 is appropriate. There is a considerable difference from ReviewMeta, which is equivalent to 3.5 stars.

With 687 customer reviews posted, Amazon's Choice bluetooth earphones try ReviewMeta and Review Detective.

In Amazon's review, Star 5 is over 90%.

However, by the example, there are a lot of things that Japanese is sloppy to review.

When using ReviewMeta, the true rating of this Bluetooth earphone was 4.5.

In the review detective, the true rating of this Bluetooth earphone is the star 1.8. ReviewMeta and the review detective had a difference in judgment result, basically ReviewMeta tended to put a sweet star, and the review detective tended to put a strict star. Since ReviewMeta is an English-speaking internet service, it may be that the decision of Japanese review is not the main difference.

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