How to identify 'fake reviews' taught by experts


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If you use online shopping a lot, you've probably wondered what would happen if you actually purchased it and have looked over reviews and reviews. Adrian Camilleri, Senior Marketing Lecturer at the Technical University of Sydney, summarizes the trends and measures that have emerged after analyzing the “ fake reviews ” hidden in reviews .

How to spot a fake review: you're probably worse at it than you realise

The graph below summarizes the responses of the questionnaire “What kind of information sources do you trust?” For each age group, from the left, government public relations, expert opinions, consumer reviews, website information, products It is in the order of the information itself. Looking at the `` consumer review '' graph surrounded by a red frame, while it is not supported by middle-aged and elderly people, it is confirmed that relatively young people have the same level of trust as governments and experts. I understand.

Also, in response to the question “How good do you think you are to catch fake reviews?” Many of the elderly responded “not at all” or “just a little better” ...

Nearly half of the young people answered that they were “good”. The fact that people who place emphasis on reviews think that they “see through fake reviews” is highlighted.

However, Mr. Camilleri dismissed this result as “typical overconfidence”. That's because when we conducted a

false-information test on 25,000 people, only 54% of the lie was missed. From this result, Mr. Camilleri says, “Most people are not good at seeing the truth and lies”.

The nature of these human fake reviews skilled in the art or are you familiar with also, fake reviews There are increasing year after year and while. A survey conducted by The Washington Post in 2018 found that nearly 47% of the 47,846 reviews posted on the first 10 products displayed by searching for `` Bluetooth speakers '' on Some 2,435 cases were suspected of fraudulent reviews.

The characteristics of the fake review compiled by Mr. Camilleri are as follows.
・ There are extremely few subjective descriptions such as examples and impressions actually used.
・ Only the explanation of product features and functions is written.
・ Overall short
・ Sentences that are difficult to read with hired foreigners

It looks like this as an example. In addition to the above features, there are elements such as “poor reviewer information”, “low past review performance”, “extreme evaluation”, “not collecting votes for“ helpful ””, “not actually purchasing” If you have it, it ’s very likely that it ’s a fake review.

On the other hand, this is an example of a reliable review. There is plenty of information on reviewers, and many reviews have been voted in the past. The number of star marks indicating the evaluation is balanced, and the content of the review also shines on both the pros and cons. In addition, it is a big point that we can confirm that we actually purchased.

If it is still difficult to judge, it is helpful to check the reviews of multiple sites. This is because contractors hiring fake reviewers are less likely to mobilize fake reviewers on all platforms.

Camilleri also recommends using a review analysis service. In particular, “ ” and “ ” are endorsed by Mr. Camilleri, who often removes suspicious reviews.

How to use ReviewMeta and the extent of its effects are described in detail in the following articles.

Not only judging Amazon's fraud review, but also a net service `` ReviewMeta '' that will tell you in detail `` why it was judged as fraudulent review ''-GIGAZINE

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