“Fishless Fish”, an artificial fish meat derived from plants, is being developed following “Artificial meat derived from 100% plants”

By Oscar Mikols

100% plant-derived artificial meat ' Impossible Foods to provide the' Impossible Foods, Inc. is, and is developing an artificial fish meat 'Fishless Fish' you do not use the fish has been reported the New York Times.

The Fish Is Boneless. (Fishless, Too.)-The New York Times

According to Impossible Foods, 'fish taste' can be reproduced by using ' heme ' which is a complex salt of iron and porphyrin, and it has already completed '100% plant-derived anchovy-flavored soup' It says that I did it.

Fishless Fish is part of Impossible Foods' far-reaching goal to develop alternative food products for the market by the year 2035. Impossible Foods plans to increase its R & D team from 124 to about 200 by the end of 2020.

Impossible Foods is not the only company working on “artificial fish meat without live fish”. Good Catch Foods , which specializes in plant-derived foods, provides 'plant-derived tuna', and Wild Type , a food company, develops salmon produced by cellular agriculture .

In the image below, it is the salmon created by Wild Type that appears on the green avocado. According to Wild Type, artificial fish meat produced by cell farming is growing slowly.

By Wild Type

Pat Brown, CEO of Impossible Foods, has stated that 'the fishery resources are now being depleted on an ongoing basis' regarding the motivation for developing artificial fish meat Fishless Fish. The second issue we need to worry about is that. '

The number of fish in the whole world is decreasing faster than expected-GIGAZINE

On the other hand, the New York Times points out the question: 'Is artificial fish like Fishless Fish successful?' The growing demand for artificial meat, as seen in the development of burger with Impossible Foods for patties, is based on a botanical diet rather than the vegetarianism of never eating meat. The New York Times sees it as ' parabolic ' that sometimes eats meat. Many vegetarians value the botanical diet for health benefits over ethical and religious reasons.

Eating a lot of meat has a negative impact on health, so replacing your usual eating with artificial meat like Impossible Foods has health benefits. On the other hand, because eating fish is said to have 'no worries' in health, the New York Times points out that there is no need to replace the fish you usually eat with artificial fish like Fishless Fish. It is not.

Is meat really a bad food? -GIGAZINE

Brown, on the other hand, admits that 'consumers are not looking for plant-derived fish meat at this stage,' while 'we plan to create plant-derived artificial fish meat that is more delicious than fish caught from the sea. '

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