Waymo gets into operation in California with permission to operate an autonomous taxi

On July 2, 2019, Waymo, a self-driving car development company that spins out of Google, has been qualified for the California Public Works Commission (CPUC) to conduct a passenger service testing and operating program with self-driving cars. We will start operation of self-driving taxi on public roads of California.

Waymo gets green light in California to pick up passengers in self-driving cars-The Verge

Waymo is now allowed to transport passengers in its own self-driving vehicles on California roads | TechCrunch
https://techcrunch.com/2019/07/02 / waymo-is-now-allowed-to-transport-passengers-in-its-self-driving-vehicles-on-california-roads /

Waymo has been driving tests of driverless autonomous vehicles in California since October 2018.

Waymo (formerly Google) Launches Testing of Fully Automatic Driving Car without Driver in California-GIGAZINE

Furthermore, in December 2018, we launched Waymo One, a dispatch service using an autonomous car in Arizona.

Dispatch service 'Waymo One' which can get on an autonomous car starts service in 24 hours-GIGAZINE

Under the circumstances, Arizona has been qualified to carry out a dispatch service using autonomous vehicles in California. EVs such as Jaguar I-PACE equipped with a Waymo-marked LIDAR sensor and Chrysler Pacifica will run in the South Bay area in the south of Los Angeles.

However, this permission is based on the condition that human test driver is put on the driver's seat and no charge is paid from the passenger. It is also mandatory to report to CPUC on total mileage and safety protocol requirements. For this reason, it is expected that Waymo employees will be used to transport guests etc. for the time being.

A Waymo spokesman said, 'The goal is to provide more Californians with an opportunity to experience our automated driving technology, as we worked with Waymo One in Arizona,' said In the future, I was motivated to realize a taxi service with a fully autonomous car.

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