CEO of Waymo (former Google) said 'Automatic driving service of driver not appearing soon'

Like Google, John Classics from CEO Waymo , an automated driving development company under Alphabet, announced that it is planning to launch the world's first commercial automobile service within the next two months. Alphabet's Ruth Polat CFO said in October 2018 that "Waymo began testing the price model in the third quarter through the Early Rider program" and "entered the initial stage for commercialization" , This is formally announced form.

Waymo CEO says driverless car service coming soon - MarketWatch

In Wall Street Journal D. Live held by the Wall Street Journal , Waymo's Classics CEO announced that it is planning to launch the world's first commercial automotive car service. This service is said to bring about a major change to individual users who normally use a toll shuttle bus for round-trip to stores like Walmart.

Automatic driving by Waymo Car service initially becomes available in the Phoenix area of ​​the US and plans to expand the service so that more users can use it in a few months from the start. Waymo announced plans for automatic driving car service in 2018 and has signed a contract to purchase thousands of vehicles over several years from automobile manufacturers such as Fiat · Chrysler · Automobiles, Tata Motors and Jaguar Land Rover We also announced that.

Although it is an automatic driving car project started from Google, Waymo has spent a great deal of time to develop automatic driving technology and traveled several million miles to an automatic driving car. In 2017, Waymo launched the "Early Rider" program to get regular users to check the accuracy of automatic driving cars in Chandler, Arizona, and also tried how potential customers use the service.

Waymo is pleased to invite participants by starting a running test of an automated driving car for the first citizen of the world - GIGAZINE

According to Classics CEO, the first customer of the automatic driving car service to start newly will be "a company that brings customers to the store" such as Wal-Mart, Avis Budget Group, AutoNation.

Other high-tech enterprises and automobile manufacturers have developed similar technologies and plan to deploy unattended robotic taxi service. Like Waymo, General Motors, which is developing the automatic driving car technology, is carrying out the test of the automatic driving car in San Francisco, and it is said that the service will be started in 2019.

American regulators continue to strive to oversee rapidly evolving technologies to ensure the safety of automatic driving car technology. However, in 2018, Uber is experiencing a fatal accident in the testing automated car under test, and automatic driving cars are raising new questions as to whether it is an okay technology even if it will develop in the future.

Uber's automated driving car crashes a woman and kills an accident, Uber ceased road test on automatic driving - GIGAZINE

Although Waymo is testing automated driving trucks in Atlanta, USA, Classics CEO also emphasizes the progress of its commercial trucking business, "Waymo can make an important contribution to the world over the next two years I can expect it. "

Waymo (Former Google) commenced public road test of automatic driving truck, participated in logistics automation competition - GIGAZINE

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