To the implementation of a running experiment with Volvo hiding that it is an "automatic driving car", what is its purpose?

Development around the automated driving car aiming for practical use around 2020 is being promoted by companies all over the world. Already, Google has already begun running experiments on public roads, and from around 2017 more companies are planning to launch automatic driving cars on public roads and start development, but the car manufacturer's Volvo In public road experiments scheduled to start in London in 2018, we will run a vehicle in a secret state that does not mention that it is an automatic driving car at all, and we are going to investigate the differences in reactions of other drivers.

First self-driving cars will be unmarked so that other drivers do not try to bully them | Technology | The Guardian

Driverless cars to be unmarked to stop motorists bullying them

Volvo, which is working on the development of an automatic driving car, plans to introduce 100 test vehicles from London in the city of London with a high traffic volume from 2018 and start running experiments in an actual environment. According to Erik Coelingh, who is responsible for the technical department of the company, the interesting aspect of this plan is that the experiment is proceeding with the exterior being completely unknown to be an automatic driving car.

This is a contrary contrast to the fact that vehicles apparently different in appearance from normal cars are used like the experiments of running automated driving cars that Google is advancing, but its purpose is "To avoid annoying driving by general drivers" and that. From the previous experiments, some drivers noticed that an automatic driving car is running, stuffing the distance from behind, stepping lane suddenly overtake, etc., to the automatic driving car It seems that there were many cases that unnecessary load was often given.

Mr. Coelingh said about this effort "From the exterior it is completely unknown to be an automatic driving car, from a purely scientific point of view it is a vehicle that knows it is an automatic driving car and that it is hidden It would be interesting to run the vehicle and verify the differences in the reactions of the other drivers.I surely if it is written that it is an automatic driving car, I believe that you will encounter it. "

ByCraig Sunter

According to Volvo's experiment starting in 2018, 100 volunteer staff are planning to ride on a four-wheel drive vehicle and conduct a public road running test of automatic driving. Volvo has set the goal of zero accidents and serious injuries related to the company's vehicles by 2020, he said he believes that an auto-driven car plays a major role.

Basically, since the automatic driving car operates according to the road regulations, it is somewhat convincing that it will be treated as an obstacle from the driver who wants to run according to "flow". I am concerned about the experimental result as to what kind of result Volvo's attempt will lead to.

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