Starba's new work, "Snow Pecan Nut Latte" "Snow Pecan Nut Frappuccino" tasting review that spreads the mouth full of mouthfulness of nuts

Drink for the holiday season in Starbucks "Snow pecan nut latte"Snow pecan nut frappuccino"Has appeared on November 1, 2016 (Tuesday). It was the first of a drink with the theme "gingerbread house" made of candy made from gingerbread cookies and chocolate made near Christmas in the American home, I actually drank it at a shop .

2016 Starbucks holiday season started on November 1st The unique collection of drinks and collectibles with motifs of gingerbread houses is the first series of "Snow Pecan Nut Latte" and "Snow Pecan Nut Frappuccino®"

Arrived at Starbucks.

At the shop, the pictures of "Snow Pecan Nut Latte" and "Snow Pecan Nut Frappuccino" were listed with a snowy image.

So, actually ordering.

First I will try snow pecan nuts from Frappuccino.

I saw the side of the cup and the sauce of pecan nut was sinking to the bottom.

Whipped cream is not the usual white one, it is a slightly brown "pecan nut whipped cream". Pecan nut chocolate is sprinkled on top of the cream.

I got a dedicated thick straw when I provided it, so I smashed it and drank it. First I felt strongly that it was as fragrant as if I was eating whole nuts.

Frappuccino part was very fragrant, so I felt the mellowness of milk stronger than fluffy pecan nut whipped cream than the nut's flavor. The pecan nut chocolate polypropylene texture seemed to be like nut itself at first, but as time passes, it melts in the mouth and you can feel the exquisite flavor of nuts and white chocolate.

The base is white chocolate, sweetness is gentle sweetness for Starbucks Frappuccino with strong sweetness.

It seems that sweetness and flavor concentrate on the sauce of pecan nuts accumulated at the bottom, so it is recommended to mix and drink firmly.

Next I will try snow pecan nut latte.

Snow pecan nut frappuccino, snow pecan nuts latte in that order, so when we got on the seat the whipped cream was slightly melted.

This fragrance like eating whole pecan nuts is alive, and the bitterness of coffee is exceptionally matched. Although it was felt more sweet than warmer than Frappuccino, it is not "too sweet" because of bitterness. It was a drink I want to drink slowly on a cold day.

The snow pecan nut latte has a short size of 430 yen, a tall size of 470 yen without tax, a grande size of 510 yen without tax and a Venti size 550 yen without tax. Snow pecan nuts Frappuccino offers tall size only, the price is 560 yen without tax.

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