It has been eaten because the ultimate form of 'carb-on-carbohydrate with the curry udon put on katsudon' 'curry udon cutlet' has appeared

A curry-on parade ' Curry Udon Cutlet ' with fresh chicken cutlet and keema curry udon fried on top of rice of Morimori has appeared in Katsuya from Friday, 21st June 2019. In the past, it had been produced

pote curry udon bread food, but since it was obviously a volume that can not be compared with that, it has eaten the real thing.

Curry udon cutlet bowl

Arrive at dusk.

At the storefront, the curry-full curry udon cutlet bowl was appealing for its 'SUPER HUNGRY SALE !!'.

After ordering, the curry udon cutlet arrives in about 10 minutes. It looks like dry curry udon if you don't know that the rice is hidden under the udon.

It looks like this when compared to the 123.8mm total length of the iPhone SE.

I tried eating it from noodles right away, and the udon that was filled with minced chiema curry was quite spicy, and the stimulation that could be bibilli and shibi was transmitted to the brain, and the upper part of the nose was gradually sweated. However, it is not only spicy, it is a taste that becomes addictive that fruity sweetness and taste can be felt.

Boiled rice is under the udon.

Curry sticks well to the rice. It is a luxurious solution that you can enjoy both when you say, 'I'm having trouble today with curry rice or curry udon!'

Chicken cutlet has a rough texture and a rough texture. Since the cutlet itself has a slight taste, it is also a resting position when the tongue is irritated with curry.

There is also a curry udon cutlet set meal, not a bowl.

The size of the iron plate is this much.

Boiled rice will cause the curry to be further entwined in the udon, and the hotness and richness of the bite is more intense than the bream.

I feel like eating curry udon in the same style as eating okonomiyaki and some soba noodles. Because it is almost a carbohydrate-based meal, it is more voluminous than a regular meal, and you can be satisfied with this adult male.

In addition, curry udon cutlet is tax-included 637 yen, and curry udon cutlet meal is tax-included 745 yen.

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