I tried eating fried chicken on top of fried chicken cutlet with `` sauce ''

A strange new menu “ Ginger to fried chicken cutlet”, which is a bonito of the tonkatsu specialty chain, has appeared, “Drying fried chicken has become a sauce for chicken cutlet ”. I actually went to eat to see what the menu was based on the idea of suspiciously saying “put fried food instead of sauce over fried food”.

Sauce from ginger? ! I've put 'ginger salmon' on the chicken cutlet bowl-Tonkatsu specialty store 'Katsuya' SUPER HUNGRY SALE 2nd, started on August 19 (Monday)-


Arrived at the moment.

At the store, “Ginger to chicken cutlet bowl” was appealing by climbing, and at the same time a poster was announced that the second SUPER HUNGRY SALE was started. In addition, in the first SUPER HUNGRY SALE in 2019, “

Curry udon cutlet bowl ” with keema curry udon on the cutlet bowl appeared.

A large serving of fried chicken cutlet from ginger (745 yen including tax) has arrived.

Since the sauce is on top of the chicken cutlet, the fried food is cut into bites and topped in large quantities. The chicken cutlet is covered with fried food because it is twice as large, or the chicken cutlet is hidden.

Shredded cabbage and mayonnaise under the chicken cutlet.

Let ’s eat fried food from the beginning. The sauce is like a ginger-grilled sauce that is sweet and spicy, but the aroma of ginger works well and has a crisp taste. The meat is juicy and the clothes are sauced and soft.

Freshly fried chicken cutlet is crispy. The meat is soft, so that when you chew, the meat comes out. The sauce was not applied, but the ginger sauce was so thick that it was not satisfactory.

I tried to eat chicken fried together with “Chicken cutlet”. The combination of crispy chicken cutlet and soft and soft fried texture is quite ant. Before eating, I thought, “Fried foods and deep-fried foods are too heavy and you get bored on the way.” Is mild, with a strong scent of ginger that stimulates appetite while maintaining a firm volume. Although there was a considerable amount, I could enjoy the taste changes with shredded cabbage and mayonnaise, and I could eat without getting tired until the end.

Chicken cutlet bowls made from ginger are available at Katsuya nationwide stores and can be ordered from Monday, August 19, 2019 for 637 yen including tax. Also, you can order “ginger to fried chicken cutlet set” with pork soup with cutlet and rice separately, 745 yen including tax, and ginger and dried chicken cutlet separately for 529 yen including tax. In addition, 108 yen including tax is required separately to add the amount of fried chicken.

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