New model of Nintendo Switch reduces power consumption by 40-50% and greatly improves battery life

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Nintendo Switch Lite, a small and lightweight model specialized in mobile mode, on September 20, 2019 (Friday), Nintendo Switch that can be used as a stationary game machine or a portable game machine . Along with the introduction of Nintendo Switch Lite, Nintendo Switch will secretly introduce a new model with a considerably longer battery life. VentureBeat summarizes this little update.

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Updated Nintendo Switch uses 40% less energy | VentureBeat

According to Nintendo's official website, the battery life of the current model Nintendo Switch is about 2.5 to 6.5 hours, but the new model is about 4.5 to 9 hours longer. The battery life of Nintendo Switch Lite is about 3-7 hours.

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Digital Foundry independently investigated the battery operation of the new and old Nintendo Switch, and found that the new model Nintendo Switch consumes 40-50% less power than the old model.

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According to a survey by Digital Foundry, the power consumption of the old model is about 11-14W, while the new model has only 6-9W. In addition, Digital Foundry is tested by inserting a watt meter to measure power consumption between the AC adapter connected to the dedicated dock and the outlet. VentureBeat states that “the same power consumption is expected even in mobile mode”.

The difference in power consumption is the Tegra X1 processor made by NVIDIA, which is adopted at the heart of Nintendo Switch. Nintendo is a new model and said that it has greatly improved this Tegra X1 processor. The old Tegra X1 processor is manufactured with a 20nm process, while the new model is manufactured with a 16nm process. Miniaturization of the manufacturing process reduces the size of the transistors that make up the processor, resulting in lower power consumption and less heat generation.

In other words, even if you play the same game, the Nintendo Switch with the new Tegra X1 processor consumes less power. VentureBeat points out that because the amount of heat generated by the transistors is small, there is less need to operate the cooling fan, and 'the heat sink can be made smaller to make room for a larger battery.' However, such changes have not been made on the new model Nintendo Switch.

Although the power consumption of the new model Nintendo Switch is decreasing, it is possible to improve the performance of the CPU and GPU if it operates with the same power consumption as the old model. However, Nintendo seems not to take such a method. In other words, almost all of the improvements to the Tegra X1 processor manufactured with the new 16nm process are spent on improving battery life.

As a result, VentureBeat points out that the new Nintendo Switch model has the best battery life of any game console in the past. The battery duration of portable game consoles such as Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita is as follows.

Nintendo Switch (old model): 2.5-6 hours
Nintendo 3DS: 3-5 hours
New Nintendo 3DS: 3.5-6 hours
New Nintendo 3DS LL: 3.5-7 hours
PlayStation Vita: 3-5 hours
Nintendo Switch (new model): 4.5-9 hours
Nintendo Switch Lite: 3-7 hours

VentureBeat pointed out that 'Nintendo Switch may improve performance and resolution in the future,' as the Tegra X1 processor of Nintendo Switch has been improved. NVIDIA, the Tegra X1 processor manufacturer, is constantly improving the efficiency of GPUs, and the performance per watt is far behind the competition. Considering that the battery life of the new model Nintendo Switch is 4.5-9 hours, when a new processor manufactured in the 12nm process is adopted in the Nintendo Switch, 'Nintendo Switch Pro' with better performance VentureBeat expects that it will not be strange to see something.

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