Four-legged robot 'Spot' will be put on the market in 2019, and Boston Dynamics's first robot is commercially sold

Boston Dynamics announced that it plans to release the quadruped robot 'Spot' in the second half of fiscal 2019 at the event '

Amazon re: MARS 2019 ' related to artificial intelligence and machine learning. Boston Dynamics is ' Atlas ', ' Handle it had announced a distinctive robot such as' robot that is actually put on the market will be the first time that the Spot.

Boston Dynamics prepares to launch its first commercial robot: Spot-The Verge

Spot is a dog-like four-legged robot that allows you to balance and move yourself on unstable terrain like mountain trails. 'The Spot is in the proof of concept stage, and the official release date is yet to be determined, but it is scheduled for the second half of 2019,' said Mark Lavert, a Boston Dynamics CEO.

Also, Spot was introduced at the stage event of Amazon re: MARS 2019.

Marc Raibert, CEO Boston Dynamics, keynote at re: MARS-YouTube

The appearance of the Spot is like this. The yellow body has a robotic arm on the head.

Spot can be operated by a device like a controller, and the monitor of the controller shows the image from the sensor camera of the spot (screen right).

The real thing of the controller is this.

Spot has two sensors on the front, one on the left and one on the side, and one sensor on the back.

You can also get over obstacles. Back is also possible.

Whatever position the Spot is in, it is possible to fix the position of the robot arm in the air.

At the venue, Spot used a robotic arm to give German shepherds toys.

Spot can also open the door without losing any human interference such as 'kicking' or 'pinching in the door'.

Boston Dynamics 'SpotMini' Opens Doors, You Can Complete Your Missions While Thinking By Humans-GIGAZINE

Spot pulled the truck with 10 weights and showed off its power.

Four-legged robot 'SpotMini' pulls a track with 10 animals-GIGAZINE

Although various machines and robots are already used in factories, etc., such robots can only perform movements calculated in millimeters beforehand. Boston Dynamics claims that the strength of its robots is 'the point where we can respond to changing situations on our own'. However, the price of Spot is still unknown, and it is still unclear how well it can achieve its intended function.

For the coverage of The Verge, CEO Laybert 'assumes that we have already received multiple offers from construction companies in Japan, etc., and there is high demand in disaster areas and' hazardous areas 'such as nuclear power plants' Say.

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