I tried to eat Ace Juice's 'No Juice-Bearing Noodle' & 'Super Cup 1.5 Times Hot Tan Men' in pursuit of 'Summer Dry'

From May 27, 2019 (Mon.) from Acecock, ' Summer dry super cup large serving soup-less, charge-bearing noodles super slick Sichuan-style spice finish ' ' Summer dry super cup 1.5 times spicy hot water super super sticky sesame oil finish ' will appear did. Both of them were in touch with the “ Summer dry ” series, “A cup with refreshing hotness and stimulation!” However, when you actually eat it, it differs from each other in “Noodle with no juice” and “Shintanmen”. It was a taste that felt 'hotness and stimulation'.

Summer's dry super cup large serving no juice carrying noodles super accompaniment Sichuan style spice finish | Product Information | Ace Cock Co., Ltd.


Summer Dry Super Cup 1.5 times Hot Tan Men Super Addicting Sesame Oil Oil Finish | Product Information | Ace Cock Co., Ltd.

First of all, try eating from a cup of fried noodles, ' Summer dry super cup large serving, juice-free, super-sickling, Sichuan-style spice finish '.

The noodles drawn on the package have plenty of red sauce and powdery spices.

The calorie is 710 kcal per 158 g of a meal.

If you look at the name of the raw materials, vegetable oil and fat, animal oil and fat, miso, soy sauce, brew vinegar, mashed sesame, fermented seasoning, pork seasoning, sugar, seafood extract, and spice are included in the bowl, and you can expect quite complex taste That's right.

It is sprinkled and seasoned that is bundled.

Sprinkling and seasoning are both put after pouring, so just pour the hot water to the inner line. The amount of hot water needed is about 600 ml.

Wait 3 minutes.

After 3 minutes, throw away the hot water from the water spout ......

Add sprinkles and seasoning, stir and complete.

As the editorial staff who worked in the same room commented that 'It is a spicy smell,' the strong aroma of

flower buds and five spice powders spreads out.

When I try to eat it, contrary to the strength of the aroma, the spicy taste like the peppery or prickly 'sweet taste' such as chili oil and the spicy taste for the flower bud 'naive' are not so strong. Apart from 'striking', it felt like 'the spice is working', and the noodle without the juice had the impression that it was adjusted to an easy-to-eat even for people who are not good at tongues. Noodles are resilient square-edge noodles, with occasional sesame texture.

Next, I would like to eat “ Summer dry super cup 1.5 times hot tanmen super addictive sesame oil finish ”.

The package contains a golden soup and a deep red oil mixed with it to create an image of a stupid unity.

The calorie is 481 kcal per 107g.

Looking at the ingredients, it contains pepper and spice extract.

The package contained powder soup, oyster paste and seasoning.

First put the soup and the powder soup ...

Pour hot water to the inner line. The amount of hot water required is about 500 ml.

Wait 3 minutes while warming the seasoning oil on the lid.

After 3 minutes, add seasoning oil. Seasoning oil is bright red and has the smell of chili oil.

When it is lightly mixed and then eaten, the taste of chicken is stronger than pork, and the taste of the soup is less salty and with a lesser habit, and the hot taste of the throat is the addition of the hot oil of chili oil. Because the spices of spices other than 'spiciness' are modest, the same 'summer dry' had a completely different taste from the noodle without the juice.

'Summer dry super cup large serving soup-less carrier-carrying noodles super rich Sichuan-style spice finish' 'summer dry super cup 1.5 times hot tan gum super oil sesame super oil finish' is recommended retail price tax 200 yen from May 27, 2019, It can be purchased at retail stores such as supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide.

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