I tried to make a "noodle shochu noodle" with a noodle style with Chinese noodle pili spicy hot soup tangled with rice cake noodles

Instant noodles made by simmering non-fried noodles with soup "Chinese spiritFrom the series, a combination of white soup and oil, pepper and "Shichi Shirayu noodles (Raja Opay Tanmen)"Has appeared. I tried to purchase it at once because it was finished with noodles that I felt spicy and rich taste.

Ming star Chinese friendship hot white noodle (Raja Opai Tanmen): Akashi food

"Sesame hot noodle" is sold for 1 meal and 3 meal packs, but this time I bought a 3 meal pack.

There is a pepper oil (Raja oyu) containing peppermint (Hua Jao, Hua Joo) characterized by a refreshing scent and excitement.

On the back of the bag was written how to make noodles.

When opening it, three servings of hot pepper hot noodles were contained in a state of being individually packaged one by one.

Since it is written on the back of each bag, it is safe.

Raw materials, soup with hemp flax sauce and pea mackerel, seasoning etc.

Calories are 402 kcal per meal (102 g) gram.

The contents of the meal pack are three kinds of noodles, powder soup, liquid soup.

First boil water 500 ml, melt powder soup.

When soup melts put noodles ... ...

Simply simmer for 4 minutes while lightly loosening.

If the noodles get soft and loose, serve noodles and soup in the bowl.

Turn the whole liquid soup to finish and it will be completed.

Since ingredients are not included, it is good to scatter onions as you like, or to simmer vegetables and meat when dissolving powder soup in hot water.

First of all, when you drink a bite of soup, the refreshing fragrance of pepper spreads in your mouth, and after a while the spicyness begins to rush. The soup which made the spicy spicy flavor of rye oil based on the chicken breasts and pig bones is similar to the flavor of the soup made from heavy noodles,Bamboo noodlesIt is the impression that meat is pulled out from.

The noodles are fine noodles with a mouth-tinged texture, and the soup often entangles. Noodles are hard to grow even over time, it was possible to taste the noodles that were rice cake until the end.

In addition, the suggested retail price of "Chinese Sanjin Shoko White Bottle Noodle" is 156 yen including tax and 3 meals pack is 469 yen including tax.

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