Mochimochi noodles and wonton duo ace cock `` Ramen mocchi wonton noodles '' and `` vegetable tanmen '' tasting review

Cup ramen “ Ramen Muccichi Wonton Noodles ” and “ Vegetable Tanmen ” have appeared on October 7, 2019 in the “Acecock Muccich” series of cup fried noodles featuring a sticky noodle . I was wondering what the taste of the soup that was made with a taste that makes it easy while using a simple dashi and the noodle that realized the freshly boiled texture by the `` vacuum tailored noodle '' manufacturing method, actually I tried it.

Ramen finally appears from the 'Mochucci' series Not only Yakisoba but also ramen that that mochi texture! Ramen Muccichi Wonton Noodles / Vegetable Tanmen
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Ramen Motucci Wonton Noodles | Product Information | Acecock

Ramen Motucci Vegetable Tanmen | Product Information | ACE CO., LTD.

This is ramen mocchi wonton noodles.

When I took the film, a small bag of liquid soup was on the lid. The sachets are glued together, but can be easily removed.

A catch phrase “Domestic bonito, fluffy fragrance” is printed on the package.

In the column of raw materials, “cuttlefish powder” and “cuttlefish extract” are listed.

Calories are 290kcal per 69g serving.

When I turned the lid, I saw a freeze-dried wonton.

Pour hot water and wait for 5 minutes.

When you flip the lid after 5 minutes, it looks like this.

Add seasoning oil ...

It is completion if we stir well.

First of all, when I drank soup, the rich bonito flavor scented and scented through my mouth. The taste of junk that makes the tongue peculiar to cup noodles spicy is suppressed considerably, and the taste of seafood is a firm taste.

Then, if you don't chew Wonton, the soup spreads in your mouth with a soft texture.

Noodles are smooth and slippery in the mouth, but also have a soft texture and elasticity that stick to your teeth. There is also an editorial staff who expresses the feeling as if they were chopping up the Wonton fabric. It was a cup ramen that was able to give a firm and satisfying taste, with a rich taste of dashi and a rich texture of wonton and noodles, with a gentle taste that was less irritating overall.

Next, we will eat “Ramen Muccichi Vegetable Tanmen”.

The catch phrase for vegetable tanmen is “Domestic round chicken broth, Shimi Wataru”. The “

maru chicken broth ” is a dashi that uses a whole chicken, unlike a chicken glass cup that uses chicken ribs.

It is said that 10% of domestic 'maru chicken stock' is used.

“Chicken extract” and “chicken seasoning” were used as raw materials.

Calories are 285kcal per 66g per serving.

Pour hot water and set the timer to 5 minutes.

This is where the timer sounds and the lid is removed.

Stir in a clear seasoning oil and the smell of chicken drifted.

While the soup tastes light and elegant, you can feel the deliciousness of the chicken.

The feeling of the noodles is the same as the wonton noodles, but the soup has a cleaner and gentler flavor than the wonton noodles, so the presence of the noodles can be further enhanced. Thanks to that, it was finished into a cup ramen that can concentrate on the texture of the rice cake.

“Ramen Motucci Wonton Noodles” and “Vegetable Tanmen” are available at retail stores nationwide from October 7, 2019, and the suggested retail price is 193 yen excluding tax. Also, at the time of article creation, can purchase 12 'Wonton Noodles' with 2501 yen including tax, and 12 'Vegetable Tanmen' with 2290 yen including tax.

Amazon | Ace Cook Ramen Muccichi Wonton Noodles 69g x 12 | Ace Cook | Ramen Store

Amazon | Ace Cook Ramen Motucci Vegetable Tanmen 66g x 12 pcs | Ace Cook |

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