I tried the ace cook `` MEGA bonito rich seafood mixed soba '' that fuses the rich bonito flavor and the spicy umami taste

Acecock's cup noodles ' MEGA bonito rich seafood mazesoba ', which thoroughly pursues the deliciousness of 'bonito' used in various dishes and seasonings, has been available since May 18, 2020. It is said that the soupless noodles can still taste the umami and flavor of bonito, so I tried it immediately.

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The package of 'MEGA bonito rich seafood mixed soba' looks like this.

There are many pictures of skipjack bonito in the package, which has an impact.

Ingredient names include fried noodles, flavor oils, green onions, onion powder, chili peppers, as well as seafood powder, bonito flakes, seafood flavor seasoning, and

fish sauce .

The energy per meal is 618 kcal.

When the lid was opened, there were three bags inside: 'Noodle Hogushi flavor oil', 'Katsuobushi pack', and 'Seasoning with later filling'.

After taking out all the bags, pour boiling water to the inner line and wait for 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes, peel off the hot water cut at the end of the lid ……

Turn off the hot water.

After that, add noodle flavoring flavor oil and loosen the noodles well ……

Add the seasoned seasoning and mix.

Finally, add bonito flakes and it's done.

The only ingredients are the peppers, green onions, and bonito flakes that were in the 'seasoning with seasoning'. The noodles are very simple. The scent of bonito mixes with the scents of onion powder and pepper to add appetite.

When I try to eat it, the rich bonito flavor and the spice taste including ginger, onion and pepper are well entwined with the round-edged noodles that have a firm elasticity and feel good to eat. The bonito has a strong Japanese image, but the combination of spicy seasonings and chewy noodles gives the impression of a junky flavor.

Although the amount of chili is small, the chili pepper changed the impression of the taste due to the spicy spiciness.

MEGA Katsu Concentrated Seafood Seafood Mazesoba can be purchased from supermarkets and convenience stores throughout Japan from May 18, 2020 (Monday), and the suggested retail price is 240 yen (excluding tax).

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