A map that allows you to check the nearest Jiro ramen shop at a glance, Jiro heat map function also

A Junk-style map ' Jiro- style ramen map ' has appeared, covering all 861 stores that can eat Jiro- style ramen . As with ' Fast Food Search ' where you can search for the nearest fast food restaurant, you can always search for the nearest ramen restaurant when you want to eat Jiro-style ramen.

Jiro-style ramen map

A story that made a map to visualize the places where Jiro ramen can be eaten in Japan-Qiita

The data analyst, @paulxll , created the map for Jiro-style ramen stores across Japan. The reason for the creation is not to 'make it possible to consume calories anytime and anywhere', but rather to 'provide a library folium that is useful for visualizing location information data'.

Now, when I try to access the map like this. It is written in HTML , so it can be viewed on any browser regardless of the type of OS or terminal.

The mark of the large ramen represents the position of the ramen shop, and the

heat map covers the ramen shop with red and green.

It is possible to zoom in / out with the button and wheel operation on the upper left, pinch in / pinch out operation etc.

When you move the mouse cursor to the upper right, a checkbox to turn on / off the heat map function appears.

I feel like this when trying to expand around Tokyo. After all it can be seen that there are many Jiro affiliated ramen shops in Tokyo.

In Sapporo city, there is a place where Jiro ramen shop faces across the street ...

Not only do we know that there are seven Jiro-based ramen shops in Koriyama City in Fukushima Prefecture, but we also know the location of Jiro-based ramen shops, as well as discoveries unique to maps.

If you click the store name that appears when you click the ramen mark ...

It is possible to confirm the details of the ramen shop in the ramen specialty word-of-mouth site '

ramen database '.

In addition, Jiro-style ramen has advanced not only in Japan but also overseas. In China, there are two

ramen restaurants in Beijing, Ramen Zhuang Zhi-shi and Taiwan's Yodoya Ximen store .

In the United States,

Yume Wo Katare , a Boston-based ramen shop in Ramen-so Ramenjo in Kyoto , opened in 2012.

In addition, there is no function such as displaying your current position or searching for a route to the desired ramen shop.

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