Sequel ・If someone suddenly destroys your building with an excavator one day, won't it be 'damage to the building'?

On March 31st (Sunday), a new demolition company, different from

the one before , contacted nearby residents by pressing the intercom, and said that they had given advance notice that the demolition work would be carried out tomorrow, April 1st. That's it. The name and contact information of the contractor were unknown, and I didn't know what to do, so I consulted with the Nishiyodogawa Police. The other party is the police who received the damage report this time.

Sequel ・If someone suddenly destroys your building with an excavator one day, won't it be 'damage to the building'? 01-YouTube

Editor-in-chief: “I heard that a different company called me from my brother and mother who were in the area earlier, and that another company was pressing the intercom to notify the neighbors that they would be carrying out demolition work tomorrow. What should I do about this? ”
Police: 'Don't go anywhere else, please talk to each other.'
Editor-in-Chief 'I don't know the contact information'
Police: 'What is the number you gave me (= Nissin Planning Co., Ltd.)?'
Editor-in-chief: “It seems to be a different place.”
Police: 'Oh...'
Editor-in-chief: 'So he came to our old head office, so he said, 'Give me a piece of contact information,' but he didn't give me anything. It's good.'
Police: 'Huh...'
Editor-in-Chief “But even if you say that, I don’t know if it will really come. So, I wondered what I should do this time.”
Police: 'There's nothing the police can do about that.'
Editor-in-chief: Is there a patrol or something like that in advance? A normal company should start dismantling at around 9 o'clock in the morning, so I guess I'll ask them to patrol it?
Police: 'There's nothing we can do about patrol.'
Editor-in-chief: “Is there nothing you can do about it once the construction starts?”
Police: 'Because the police can't tell you to stop construction, right?'
Editor-in-chief: “Because even the police can’t tell you to stop construction…?”
Police: 'Aren't we talking about contracts around here? It's about civil matters, right?'
Editor-in-chief: 'Even though it's broken on its own?'
Police: 'That's why you've already filed a damage report, haven't you?'
Editor-in-Chief 'Yeah'
Police: “The other Mr. Kaisuru Kai is doing this again with a new contract, maybe.”
Editor-in-chief: “The other side, isn’t it?
Police: 'Yes.'
Editor-in-Chief 'What should I do... I mean, I can't help it...?'
Police: “There’s nothing we can do about it.
Editor-in-chief: 'That vendor... I don't know which vendor, but how can I find out?'
Police: 'No, I don't know.'
Editor-in-chief: “If you can do it now, would you like to report it to the police as soon as you come to dismantle it and start destroying it?”
Police: “Well, in that case, you should call 110.”
Editor-in-chief: “I see.
Police: “There are things the police can do and things they can’t do…”

In addition, regarding the second Nisshin Planning Co., Ltd. began to ``accidentally'' destroy the GIGAZINE first warehouse, in fact, during the night of the previous day, the ``nameplate'', ``copy of the register'', etc. were ``GIGAZINE first warehouse'' I also asked him about the fact that he had successfully captured a video of him breaking into the 'inside' and taking it away with a surveillance camera.

Sequel ・If someone suddenly destroys your building with an excavator one day, won't it be 'damage to the building'? 02-YouTube

Editor-in-chief “I asked you to leave a message when I called you last time, but it was taken without permission even though I had a registry book and a name tag attached to it. As I was doing it, I got on a car in the middle of the night and entered the GIGAZINE first warehouse without permission and was stealing properly because it was recorded in the video.What should I do?Is it theft? ”
Editor-in-chief: “Even if you are inside the building?”
Police: 'Well, I'm sure they have something to say about it, but it's hard to call it a theft.'
Editor-in-chief: “Even if something you made, laminated, was taken away, wouldn’t it be hard to call it theft?”
Police: 'Well, it's a little hard to call it theft.'
Editor-in-chief: “Even if you invade the building?”
Police: 'Even if you say trespassing, anyone can get in.'
Editor-in-chief: “Just because you can get in, doesn’t that mean it’s an invasion?
Police: 'It's a bit harsh, isn't it?'
Editor-in-chief: “Is it because it doesn’t look like a house?”
Police: 'Anyone can walk in and take it, and there's nothing there to stop or exclude other intrusions, so it's a bit harsh, isn't it?'
Editor-in-chief: '... I see. So if you put a rope around it or do something like that, it feels like it's different again?'
Police: 'Even so, if you do it on your own, you'll be told that you're going home in the middle, maybe.'
Editor-in-chief: 'On your own...?'
Police: “They told me not to enter the land, probably. The land is over there.”
Editor-in-Chief 'Oh, I see...'
Police: 'It's going to cause trouble, so please wait a little longer.'
Editor-in-chief 'If you come from over there, I will tell you to call 110, so I will let you know.'
Police: “Isn’t that enough?”
Editor-in-chief: 'Understood. Thank you.'

The capture of the video provided by Kiku Kenzai is as follows.

A mysterious car slowly approaches the GIGAZINE first warehouse.

This is a video captured from another camera.

The state of peeling off the copy of the register and the nameplate / nameplate was perfectly recorded.

In addition, it was also recorded where they invaded from the entrance.

Mr. Kiku Kenzai said that his son was a reader of GIGAZINE, so he kindly provided the video. Thanks for your cooperation. Thank you very much for helping me.

According to Kiku Kenzai, the police usually know that there are surveillance cameras here. , Normally it would come right away?”

Furthermore, in the evening of this day, the secretary general of the Nishiyodogawa Tenant Association visited and confirmed the site.

・No matter what the landlord claims, such destruction is unacceptable.
・As far as anyone can see, the landlord has not followed any legitimate procedures, so it is not a civil case but a criminal case.
・Until now, there has been no trouble with the landlord, and there has been no prior discussion or contact, so the landlord's modus operandi is outrageous.
・There was a trick like this around here during the bubble period of the Showa era, but I have never heard of something like this happening in Nishiyodogawa Ward since the bubble period, let alone in the last 10 years.
・The lack of motivation of the police is too much of a problem. This would be a current arrest. Ultimately, there is no choice but to issue a complaint from a lawyer and force the move.

is what they said.

However, in the event that Power Estate Co., Ltd. or Nissin Planning Co., Ltd. arrives with a power excavator, the best defense method is to call the police on 110.

It's a pitiful story, but I didn't expect that the next contractor would rush in, and that the third destruction would start so soon. We have not yet finished scrutinizing the information received, and the resources of the GIGAZINE editorial department are already limited.

There is a request for GIGAZINE readers who are reading this article so that we can earn time to prepare the next preparations (such as live surveillance cameras on YouTube live). Just a short time is enough, so please come in front of the GIGAZINE first warehouse ( 4-12-10 Owada, Nishiyodogawa-ku, Osaka ) and take a commemorative photo before the GIGAZINE first warehouse disappears. The nearest station is Hanshin Senbune Station, which is a 6-minute walk according to Google Maps .

The neighborhood has already explained the circumstances of this time from the GIGAZINE editorial department by the evening today, so it is well known that 'people who are taking commemorative photos are allies', so do not hesitate to do anything. In addition to calling 110, the only thing you can do right away here is to create a 'public eye' (a state where many people are watching) .

And if the dismantling starts, take a picture of the situation and escape immediately, and when you move to a safe place, please provide the material you shot to GIGAZINE.

The following Firefox official services are properly encrypted, and you can send up to 1GB without account registration, and up to 2.5GB if you register with a Firefox account.

``Firefox Send'', a file sharing service with perfect security that can share up to 2.5 GB of data for free, will be officially released - GIGAZINE

Please let us know the address using this form .

Of course, we have already begun to take various other countermeasures that have been put in place by our readers, but we are still in the situation of 'if an excavator comes, give up'. The editorial department can't stay awake 24 hours a day, so there will be times when monitoring becomes loose.

Also, if you are a member of the 'GIGAZINE Secret Club' , you can support 825 yen each month if you say, 'I live far away so I can't rush right away, but I want to cooperate with something.' Separately, we are preparing an offline event for members.

Alternatively, it is also effective to purchase the GIGAZINE e-book on Amazon below. Since everything is 'Kindle Unlimited', if you are a subscriber of the same service, you can read as much as you want for free, and it is possible to support the operation of GIGAZINE by the number of pages you read, and the author's royalty Become. GIGAZINE: Kindle Store

I would like to ask for your continued cooperation in providing information to the extent possible and in keeping a close eye on the situation. If there are many eyewitnesses, it might work out.

Isn't a company that suddenly destroys another's building with an excavator one day without permission an 'anti-social force'? -GIGAZINE

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