'Cover Me' review where you choose the model of the best as editor of the fashion magazine and control the trend

As the editor-in-chief of the fashion magazine, select '

Cover Girl ' on the cover, and ' Cover Me ' is the board game that controls the leading edge of the trend. Cover Me is a package that thoroughly reproduces a fashion magazine, and is full of elements that can be enjoyed with the eye, such as a card with a stylish model, a point board that simulates a runway the model walks at a fashion show, etc. did.

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◆ Appearance
This is the outer box of 'Cover Me'. Fonts and layouts are like real fashion magazines.

The side of the outer box was also designed so that you can see the magazine binding appendix.

The back of the box describes the game content, but it looks like an advertisement on the back cover of a magazine.

It seems that the title and the credits of the designer are similar to the notation of the publisher in the actual magazine.

The estimated playing time is 60 to 75 minutes, the number of players is 2 to 5, and the target age is 10 years or older.

Contents are instructions and ...

Desk board

The kit included a runway assembly kit and various cardboard panels.

The manual not only describes how to play and rules, but also has a design like the feature of a magazine, and is an interesting content for reading.

There are 162 'model cards' (left and center) on which cards will be cover girl models, and 10 'magazine cards' to identify which fashion magazine you are the editor in chief.

Each model card has four fashion attributes: clothing color, hair style and hair color, and background pattern. For the following cards, the color of the clothes is 'green', the hairstyle is 'short', the hair color is 'blond', and the background pattern is 'cute'.

All 162 model cards have illustrations depicting real-world models, and their names are also set. The illustration and name do not directly affect the game, but find a model you like and assign it to a cover girl in your magazine, and control the fashion industry that pulls the eye of a living horse with a cover girl of 'Push' It is one of the ways to enjoy this game.

◆ Preparation for play
As a preparation before playing, first make a runway. Parts are easily removed from the cardboard by hand, eliminating the need for tools such as scissors. Combine the grooves and grooves of the part removed from the cardboard ...

After placing each part on the runway cardboard ...

It is finished by turning it over.

Although it is not essential, assembling the bundled audience seats will create a great atmosphere.

Next, walk on the runway and make a piece that will be a marker for points ...

Set various tips on the deskboard to be markers of hair style and hair color points.

Now you are ready. It took about 5 minutes to work with two people, including the runway and the assembly of the piece.

First, each player chooses the magazine for which he is the chief editor. Since four players play this time, choose one from four magazine cards each. The magazine cards are in pairs, one is on the spot as a fashion magazine you publish and the other is on hand to identify which magazine you are the editor-in-chief of.

Next, from the model card, create 'Mountain for new face digging', 'Mountain for hair color' and 'Mountain for new fashion' and place it on the ground. Each of these piles is used to replenish the portfolio (hands) that each player has created with his model card.

◆ I tried to play
The player makes a hand by taking a total of nine cards from the “People of Rookie Digging” and “The Mountain of Hair Color”.

Play one card at a time and place it next to your magazine. The model card issued here will be the cover girl who decorate the cover of your fashion magazine that month. Then calculate the sum of the fashion attribute values for all cards.

Deskboard markers and points for fashion attribute values ...

I will advance the runway piece and form a trend. Repeating this three times, that is, three months, is one season.

Two months after the season began, the red 'New Fashion' magazine player, who wanted to bolster the situation in which blonde hair color prevailed, said, 'The name of this yellow-dressed blond child, Cadence What is it ~ 'and push casually.

After three months, when one season is over, each player checks the desk board and the runway to check the trend of that season, and takes his model card that matches the trend. The trend of this season is ...

The background pattern is a combination of 'cute' and 'sick'

Hair color is 'Blond' and hair style is 'Short'.

Looking at the results, the red player who successfully pushed up the blond to the trend scored one point, but the editor of the 'Fem Future' magazine, who read that 'short blond hair' is popular, Earn 2 points. The red player who read 'Semilong will come' was unable to see the cutting edge of the trend, and regretted that 'Gnunu ...'.

It is one year when it repeats four seasons, and the game is over when a total of three years have passed. The model cards scored by each player are counted in order and counted, and the player with the most trend is the winner.

◆ Summary
Cover Me is a great game for anyone interested in overseas models and fashion industries. The game itself is a simple rule that 'counts the points of each attribute of the card that appeared in the game, and the card with the attribute with the largest number of points is the score'. The game nature, even beginners can play casually. In addition, it is also possible to enjoy who is the 162 cards that have illustrations of real models and who are stylish and who are familiar with foreign fashion models and actresses, who are the original material of the models drawn on the cards. I can do it.

On the other hand, there was also the aspect that the design of the commitment has become a neck. In particular, because the deskboard's mass is small relative to the marker that counts the trend, it's awkward to read how many points the score should be if you don't move the marker carefully. In addition, it is difficult to judge from the illustration the fashion attribute such as “Hid this girl have long hair or semi long?” Or “Hair color is brown or black” by looking at the model card at a glance, so it is always an overseas fashion You may not know at a glance if you are a player with low interest. The editorial staff who was playing also said, 'If the illustration on this card is an animation-like two-dimensional character, it might have been easier to understand.' The point is that you can enjoy playing cards of the models you like and enjoy them, so you can feel like a business person who supports fashion models.

The price of Cover Me in Japanese is 5184 yen including tax. It can be purchased at Amazon.co.jp, and it is 4927 yen including tax at the time of article creation.

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