'Smiley depression' which has suicidal ideas in mind although it seems happy with a smile is hard to embrace subjective symptoms

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" Smiling depression " that the inner heart suffers from depressive symptoms, although it can be touched by people with a smile, is not an official medical term, but many symptoms that have been reported in recent years The number of searches has also increased sharply in Google search . Olivia Remes studying anxiety and depression at the University of Cambridge pointed out that "People are not aware that they are smiles with a smile and problems are hard to become bright," people pointed out that they are smiling I am talking about how to deal with diseases.

'Smiling depression': it's possible to be depressed while appearing happy - here's why that particularly dangerous

According to Remes, expertly, the nearest symptom to "depression of smile" is " atypical depression ". Those with this condition can not get pleasure from their participating activities and experience a depressed mood, but try to conceal their situation with a smile. Some people suffer suicidal thoughts, with sadness, panic attacks, low self-esteem, insomnia.

For people with depressed depression, work, family, and partners exist, it seems there is no reason to become depressed at first glance. People like this can smile when they meet someone and can have fun conversations, but in the inside they are desperate and think that "let's end this life". People with depression may not have enough energy to move to action even if they want to commit suicide, but people with depression of depression have "strength" to do daily life as usual, so realize suicide I say that it is easy to do.

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People who tend to believe that smiling depression "fails" for things, those who think too much negative experiences, or who tend to drag shameful experiences It seems there is.

Patients with depression usually feel sick in the morning and the sleeping time becomes short, but in the case of depression with smile, it shows symptoms of "I feel sick in the night and sleep longer". And, there are symptoms such as eating, limbs weight, criticism and rejection more than necessary, symptoms such as being praised by people temporarily feeling rises, but that you will soon return to a dull state .

Although the cause of smiling depression is uncertain, it can be the cause of work problems, finishing relationships with someone, not being able to find purpose or meaning in life . It is said that one in 10 people is depressed in modern times, and 15 to 40% of people have symptoms similar to smiling depression. Mr Remes explained that such symptoms of depression start long early in life and will last long.

However, despite the necessity of help for depression of smile, the person himself does not have consciousness. Because everyday life can be sent as it is, it is hard to catch as "problem". There are also many cases that you can not ask for help in the surroundings because you feel guilty about feeling depressed or rationalize that there is no "sad event".

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The improvement of symptoms begins with knowing that the symptom "depression of smile" exists. Do not rationalize the problem by seizing the symptoms seriously. Depending on a person, it becomes free from the depression's stupidity and it is possible to turn around the situation by becoming to ask people for help even with just the above recognition and actions.

And meditation and exercise can also help to improve symptoms. Research at Rutgers University showed that meditation and exercise twice weekly for 8 weeks reduces the level of depression by about 40%. In addition, cognitive behavioral therapy that learns your thoughts and behavior patterns is an option you can take to improve symptoms.

And Austrian neurologist Viktor Frankl explains that "having the purpose of life" is the basis for sending a good life. Mr. Frankl says that people should enter something rather than "non-tense" where there is no assignment or responsibility at all. If you move your attention from yourself to something else and move toward a useful goal, the positive impact on people is great, even though the evolution per day is small. Also, by caring for animals / family and volunteering, taking care of someone who needs me can say that "I think my life is important".

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