Can vitamin D be produced with the sunlight through the glass?

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Vitamin D, an essential nutrient, is an important nutrient for human health and is also known as a nutrient that can be biosynthesized by exposure to sunlight. Some people may not be able to take sunshine quite easily due to life rhythms and styles, but also "Is it possible to produce vitamin D even with sunlight over the glass?" Roni Caryn Rabin , a health-related writer at the New York Times Mr. has responded.

Does Sunlight Through Glass Provide Vitamin D? - The New York Times

Vitamin D has a function to increase calcium concentration in the blood, and it is a nutrient suggested to be involved in the immune reaction. Deficiency of vitamin D rickets in addition to being a cause, that vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy is associated with children's autism research results in addition that there is, in children of obesity are related is also said to I will.

Such vitamin D can be ingested orally, but the skin is also synthesized by exposure to ultraviolet rays contained in sunlight. There are three types of near-ultraviolet rays included in sunlight, depending on wavelength length, UVA (400 to 315 nanometers ), UVB (315 to 280 nanometers), and UVC (less than 280 nanometers) It is divided from the viewpoint of the influence on human health and the environment.

There are two types of UVA and UVB that go through the ozone layer to the surface of the sun in the sunlight, UVA and UVB, UVC is not absorbed by substances and usually does not pass through the atmosphere. UVA and UVB have different effects on the human body.

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UVA acts on the dermis layer of the skin to denature proteins, has the effect of promoting aging by losing skin men. UVB, on the other hand, acts on the epidermal layer of the skin , pigment cells respond to UVB to produce melanin and produce sunburn. It is UVB that synthesizes vitamin D and UVA does not contribute to the production of vitamin D.

It is said that sunbathing for about 10 minutes in a day seems to be the right amount of sunbath for vitamin D production, but regrettably vitamin D will not be synthesized even if exposed to sunshine through the glass, Rabin says. General glasses used in automobiles and buildings block UVB, so even if it is exposed to sunlight through the glass, UV light is only UVA, which is harmful to the human body. Professor Michael Holick of the Boston University Medical School said, "Even if it is winter or summer, even though we sit in front of the window glass, the human body can not produce vitamin D."

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If vitamin D can not be obtained by sunbathing, it is necessary to supplement vitamin D from the meal. Vitamin D contained in liver oil such as sharks in the past has become a nutrient source of good quality, and vitamin D is contained in other sweet and swordfish and salmon, orange juice, yogurt, oil sardine , egg yolk, vitamin D enriched milk or cereal Rabin said that.

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