The University of California announced that it completely ceased subscription agreement with Elsevier publishing scientific papers

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The University of California announced that it ceased subscribing to academic journals published by Elsevier , the world's largest science publisher. The University of California requested that all articles published by researchers belonging to the university be released to all persons free of charge, but that negotiations broke down as Elsevier requested additional fee to the university as a condition is.

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Many scientific papers in the United States and Europe are published via publication company 's subscription service such as Elsevier, which hinders the development of scientific research and enormous with subscription fees paid by universities and laboratories by publishers It has been pointed out as a problem for a long time that it gains profits. In addition, Mr. Alexandra Elbakian, a graduate student in Kazakhstan, counteracted publishers by creating a science pirated site "Sci-Hub". Mr. Elbakian is ordered to close up the huge amount of reparations and the website, but escaping the compensation by being outside the country, to make the Sci-Hub survive by making mirror sites one by one I repeat that.

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In recent years, movements against publishers have spread throughout the scientific community including universities, research laboratories, publishing house, and others. The editor of the academic journal which is the top of the field resigned from Elsevier at the same time ... ...

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The university side has requested price reductions from publishers, and the situation of terminating subscription contracts is also continuing.

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Meanwhile, the University of California, one of Elsevier 's large customers, announced that it had terminated its contract with Elsevier after negotiations for several months.

During the negotiations with Elsevier, the University of California says that in order to accelerate the development of science, "The paper published by researchers at the University of California at 10 campuses is open to the whole world for free". However, the terms issued by Elsevier are to ask the author of the publication, in addition to the subscription fee of several million dollars charged to the university, negotiations broke down. The University of California elected not to renew the agreement with Elsevier on 28th February 2019.

The University of California is responsible for approximately 10% of papers published in the United States. Robert May, University Representative of the University of California, "Knowledge should not be made public only to those who can pay money." "In order for us to fulfill our mission as a university, It is indispensable to seek out, "the statement is announced.

Elsevier against the Nature news team commented that the University of California is "misunderstanding in evaluating Elsevier's stance characteristics." The University of California says that Elsevier's proposal is "to impose a great cost on the university and Elsevier gains a lot of benefit", Elsevier publishes papers for free or open access, and the cost of the university libraries We suggested a method to reduce it. "I am disappointed that the California Digital Library terminated negotiations unilaterally and I hope that a bridge can be built in the groove between us," Elsevier commented.

We already have expressed the joy about the fact that many university students and doctoral researchers at the University of California have not been able to access publications and the university and publisher negotiations broke down and the university came into the way to open access There are many researchers. On the other hand, some researchers are worried that this negotiation might affect Elsevier's publication quality.

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There have been universities that have partially terminated Elsevier's article submission until now, but the University of California is the first American institution to terminate the contract completely. Although it is said that the University of California is talking to other agencies on how to shift scientific publications to open access, at the time of article creation researchers need to publish articles in some way other than passing Elsevier.

Nonetheless, researchers at the University of California can access Elsevier's back issues in the past and new papers before charging. Also, some of Elsevier's content is freely available through open access publishing services, open access repositories, and "other legal academic sharing".

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