Headline news on March 1, 2019

Construction of home 10 building of Kitayase station of Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line and opening and closing of entrance of Suzumuma Park side are completed, and it will start business from Saturday, March 16, 2019.

March 16, 2019 (Saturday) Chiyoda Line Kitayaseba Station Home 10 amusement new entrance opened

North Ayase Station is a station adjacent to Ayase Vehicle Station and opened in 1979. Since only the operation of the section with Ayase station next door was performed for a long time, the home had only three-car train lines, but as the passenger increase correspondence and convenience improvement accompanying the development of the railway line are carried out direct to the direction of Yoyogi Uehara, Work has been carried out to make 10 home correspondence correspondence.

In accordance with the extension of this home, an entrance and exit will also be made on the side of "Sho - bun swamp park" on the north side of the station.

By the way, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

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Very toxic anti can not win against wasabi Ali researchers validate effect: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Dog beating countermeasures without killing, dramatic effects, assignments | National Geographic Japan version site

No "sleeping" effect on the weekend? Rice research team experiments | NHK News

In addition, those who do "sleeping" have a lot of time waking up during the day, so that the snacking increases, the maximum weight gain increases by 1.3 kilos, the risk of diabetes also increases, and there is a negative effect I point out.

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Communist Party Shigeyu claims to abolish the era code "Do not fit national sovereignty" | Kyodo News

Nominee candidate plan already narrowed down to more than ten number | NHK News

Forcible repatriation of Iranian nationality juvenile who was born and raised in Japan "Invalid" not approved Tokyo district court - Mainichi Newspaper

Seven president said "I do not want to stop 24-hour sales": Nikkei Business Electronic Edition

Saba cans Chiku Udon ice cream ... food price hike from today ___ ___ 0

Publication status Chronicle 130 (February 1, 2019 - February 28) - Publication · reading memorandum

Estimated selling price of book journal in January 19, 2007 was 87.1 billion yen, down 6.3% from the previous year.
Books were 49.2 billion yen, down 4.8% from the same period.
Magazines fell by 8.2%, to 37.8 billion yen. Its monthly magazine was 29.7 billion yen, down 7.6%, weekly magazine 8.1 billion yen, down 10.2%.
As in the reaction of 1.8% increase in December 18, which is the first positive in 2 years and 1 month, January 2007 reverts to a year-to-year negative figure of 6.9% in 17 years, 5.7% in 18 years It has become a start.
The return rate is 35.6% for books and 47.4% for magazines, monthly magazines 49.3%, weekly magazines 39.3%.
The return rate of the magazine is second only to 48.6% in May 18th, and the monthly magazine would have exceeded 50% if there was no comic sales amount 7% increase.
Moreover, when we go back to the weekly magazine's depression, it is certain that the decline of magazines will continue for 19 years and it will be expected that they will attend a sharp decline in the bookstore market, which has never been before.
That way, 19 years have begun.

National burden ratio New year 42.8% Continues high level for more than 40% for six consecutive years | NHK News

The teacher assaulted by the students appeals the school side Compensating for Shijyozaki City etc. - Mainichi Newspapers

Korea · Ministry of literature's estimate of missing US-North Korea agreement, China is supposed [North Korea summit talks]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

A victim of a hoax, filed a lawsuit against eight people written Akari Tomei Accident: Asahi Shimbun Digital

"Next I will face Mr. Kim," Abe said. Kyodo News

Make a scene of Mr. Masayuki, fighting all night All that reporters bombs [North Korea summit talks]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Leo Palace Review Refurbishing Construction Avoided due to Inadequate External Walls | Kyodo News

Business featured maker abandoned! British fear | NHK News

US high official "North Korea demands all sanctions exempt from weapons" | NHK News

Publication of memos of proposal of the era other than "Heisei" "Shuwen, Munde, Yasutaka" etc. | NHK News

Kim Masao son relief group announced the establishment of "extraordinary government" announced the oppression of the Righteous administration North Korea - Sankei News

"Kim chairman loses motivation" North Korea's full press conference | NHK News

Looking at the reaction of the United States that it is difficult to cancel partial sanctions despite the proposal to abandon the entire nuclear facility of Nyonbyeon that was not in the past, comrades of the State Secretary will be motivated to negotiate future morning and rice I felt that I might be lost.

Intention to release Indian troops pilot detained by Prime Minister of Pakistan | NHK News

A mistake in the Kansai University entrance examination "There was a subway in Hiroshima" | Kyodo News

Difficulty of very strong dose decommissioning furnace at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant No. 2 debris | NHK News

"Underwear rather than trousers" flickering, criticizing SDF solicitation posters: Kyoto Shimbun

FSA: Three mega silver and Agricultural and Forestry funds simultaneously investigated, CLO investment - stakeholder - Bloomberg

Falsehood monologue! A man arrested by an obscenity to a small six girls tells the truth and detention 56 days | Weekly female PRIME [Shujo prime] | YOU's heart is stimulating

Criticism of the Seven headquarters from the Kansai business circle "With yourself if you are": Asahi Shimbun Digital

The matter that the Agency for Cultural Affairs is using too much data to promote illegalization of still images DL (too, it is not easy to see how it goes) - Togetter

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Expanding "# KuToo" pumps reverse signature, more than 10,000 - Mainichi Newspaper

If you think "It's enough", go to Hidaka store and ask for a double dumplings set meal. I will make you laugh. - Togetter

"Pretending to know" at the educational site "Hiding what I do not know" Is this reason why children continue to do so? "Really serious" - Togetter

Sayonara Donan Journey 's Friend Troubled · Onuma Dango JR In - Car Sales LASTRAN: Hashimoto Electronic Version (Hokkaido Shimbun)

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Engineers should study English, if you can not speak English, the variable name gets messed up "kishName" - Togetter

New function · How to use abnormality detection in roll - Mackerel Blog #mackerelio

I want to use Japanese day in PHP - Qiita

Efforts to promote the entry to overseas conferences - Yahoo! JAPAN Tech Blog

Cooperative operation of medical big data with AWS and on-board core system / JAWS DAYS 2019 JMDC Healthcare Data - Speaker Deck

Relationship between product management and UX design I think / Takesetsu | note

Clearance of 4.8 million clear plaintext passwords on home flights, can not resume service even after a month | Nikkei xTECH (CrossTech)

Dummy images, development may progress (interesting), text summary - Qiita

Google researchers said that it is difficult to fix Specter vulnerability |

"Windows" standard font "now" <ALBA LUNA

HTTP cache Osakai - LCL Engineers' Blog

Create a proof of concept using Amazon Aurora | Amazon Web Services blog

Red Hat Supports End-to-End Cloud Compliant Mobile Network of Rakuten Mobile Network with Open Source Technology

Rakuten Mobile Network enters the Japanese mobile market, which consists mainly of three major players, not only prepares for the coming 5 G, but also speeds the provision of mobile services to end users using software innovation I wanted to upload it. Therefore, I wanted to build a flexible and extensible cloud native communication network infrastructure that can meet the needs of end users while keeping operating costs low.

Through collaboration with Red Hat, Rakuten Mobile Network has established NFV cloud that virtualized network function. The network function is executed not in dedicated hardware or dedicated software but in a virtual environment on a general purpose server.

Squish is illegalized, concern also from the Liberal Democratic Party "Limited range": Asahi Shimbun Digital

A story about a former professional gamer releasing 8 applications in 2 years after becoming a programmer from knowledge 0 - Qiita

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"Galaxy Hero Legend Die Neue These" Special News - YouTube

You know in 10 minutes! TV Anime "Wind Strongly Blows In" Digest PV - YouTube

"Fort Knight" Season 8 - Cinematic Trailer - YouTube

"Fort Knight" Season 8 - Battle Path Overview - YouTube


【Queen's Blade WHITETRIANGLE】 2nd PV - YouTube

PlayStation (R) 4 / Nintendo Switch (TM) "Super Robot Battle T" episode 1 "Project TND Startup" Playing Videos - YouTube

Devil May Cry 5 - Final Trailer (Japanese Voice Ver.) - YouTube

[New] League of Wonderland Early Promotion Movie - YouTube

"Toei manga festival" book notice - YouTube

"Chico-chan will be scolded!" At the Japan Media Arts Festival Grand Prize | NHK News

Japan Shogi League · President Yasuko Sato interview "I want to cross even in the AI Heian period, my style" | Shogi to see, Read Shogi | Bunbun online

Legend of cartoon world "When Tezuka Osamu first met Katsuhiro Otomo" When you first met Otomo "you said" I can paint if you can paint "Multiple testimonies will support - Togetter


"Yamano Recommend" Background Making

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"Kansai Electric Security Groove" │ Kansai Electric Security Association 【Official】 - YouTube

Nordic world championships shake trembling, nine players arrested by doping Photo 4 international news: AFPBB News

World conductor conductor Andre Previn died | NHK News

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~ For daily health, deliciously and easy to supply protein! ~ In popular "in Bar Protein" series Appearance of carbohydrate "in Bar Protein Baked Bitter" March 19 (Tue) New release

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