I actually tried using 'Snore Circle EMS Pad Snoring Stopper' that sticks to the throat and reduces snoring by electric stimulation

" Snore Circle EMS Pad Snoring Stopper " has been released from the wearable device " Snore Circle " series which alleviates snoring, sticking to the throat and acting snoring directly with electrical stimulation. Since it is possible to check snoring and sleep state in conjunction with smartphones, I tried to check what the actual feeling of use is.

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Snow Circle is a package drifting luxury based on black.

In the package, there was a Micro - USB cable for charging, a charging station, a Snow Circle body, an electrode pad, an instruction manual etc.

The Snow Circle body is 4 cm wide × 2.5 cm long and is sized to fit snugly into the palm, and weighs only 10 g. It is a device of a shape like a broad bean.

The main body has a power switch on the side. Press and hold the power switch ......

With this feeling, the power turns on. Use the power switch in addition to Sleeplus application for Snow Circle.

Magnet for charging and bonding is attached on the back side.

Magnet is built in the charging stand as well, and when it comes closer, the body sticks to the charging stand perfectly with magnetic force.

There is a Micro-USB port on the back of the charging stand, so plug in the included Micro-USB ... ....

Charging is possible by connecting to a USB power adapter etc.

You can check the battery level with the color of the power indicator on the top of the unit. In the state of orange like picture, the remaining capacity of the battery is slightly left. Also, it is said that you can know the remaining battery level in percent by using the application.

Using Sleeplus smartphone application "Sleeplus", you can set the details of the Snow Circle body, so install Sleeplus first. Sleeplus is compatible with iOS, Android.

"Sleeplus" on the App Store

sleeplus - Apps on Google Play

This time I will use the iOS version. After accessing the above URL, tap "Get".

When you tap "Install", installation starts automatically.

After installation is completed, tap "Open" to start Sleeplus.

To allow Sleeplus to notify you, tap "Allow".

As the tutorial is displayed, swipe to the left for reading.

After completing the tutorial, tap "Start using".

You need to create an account to use Sleeplus. Although you can log in with your Facebook account, this time create a new account. Tap the mail icon.

Enter your email address and login password and tap "confirm".

Enter "nickname to use" "sex" "birth date" "height" "weight" and tap "next step" to complete the account creation.

Next, Bluetooth connection is made between the smartphone and the Sony Circle. Tap "Connect Snow Circle".

Since I am using the EMS type Snow Circle this time, tap "EMS".

"Searching for a Noah Circle ...." is displayed, so turn on the power of the Snow Circle.

Since the Snow Circle main body is displayed on the screen, tap it.

Then the smartphone and the Sony Circle were Bluetooth connected. Tap "Please experience now!" And start using Sleeplus.

The home screen of Sleeplus looks something like this. Tap the center of the screen.

The calendar is displayed. Tap the gear icon at the top right of the screen to open the setting screen.

In "Settings" you can change the settings of the Snow Circle. If you increase the "sensitivity", the Snow Circle will work even with a small snore. In "snore stop strength" you can determine the strength of the EMS low frequency where the Snow Circle occurs. In "delaying snore stop action", it is possible to set so as to activate the Snow Circle after a certain period of time has passed since sleeping.

Also, regarding "snore stop strength", since the subjects who tried to set a higher or higher setting were strong enough to leave a comment and "level to become trauma", we recommend that you first try from the "weakest" setting To do.

Actually I will try using the Snow Circle. First of all, I will attach the "electrode pad" to my throat. The electrode pad is a disposable sheet, and if you use up the first 10 items that you bundled, you need to purchase additional.

Peel off the electrode sheet from the protective film ...

Paste in a position close to the throat under the chin. According to the instructions, "Since the adhesive surface is used cleanly, please wash with soap or water before use", but as it got washed down, the adhesion was reduced and it became easy to peel, so this time it is used as it is doing.

Paste so that the mountain part of the electrode pad is on the side of the jaw and the part where the electrode pad is on the throat side.

Turn on the power supply of the Snow Circle main body and paste it so that the power switch comes close to the throat side.

When installed it is like this. The total weight of the electrode pad and the Snow Circle is 23 g, and the weight itself is not felt much. However, there is a feeling of incompatibility with the feeling that "the adhesive tape is sticking to the throat" can not say anything.

When actually entering futon, I am concerned that Snow Circle and Futon come in contact. It seems that the adhesive part peels off when rolling over.

In this time we conducted experiments with multiple people from almost no snoring to people with many snorings. As a result, we were able to confirm that the Snow Circle will definitely work.

First of all, in the case of a human who normally says "I do not snore normally", in "sleeping" in 6 hours and 45 minutes of sleep, the time according to the Sleeplus application is 50 minutes. Among them, snoring 73 times, it seems that the Snow Circle was successful in preventing all of it.

On the other hand, the success rate drops when the snoring frequency is high. In extreme cases, in the case where the snore count was over 1300 times, only 82 were able to be prevented and the success rate was only 6%.

The result of actually recording how to stop snoring is kore, when the top is attached, when the bottom is not worn. Once the snoring wave is cut off is supposed to be the timing of the Snow Circle action, it feels like it will stop about once in dozens.

However, the foreign object feeling of the electrode pad sticking to the throat for wearing a Snow Circle is quite a thing. In addition, there was an opinion that low frequency stimulation for snoring alleviation is weak, but it is too strong and wakes up and hinders sleep. "It is a stimulus less than the" weakest "of the low frequency therapy device", but it is quite intense as a stimulus to the throat, so if it is a nervous person it may be difficult to keep sleeping. Although it is not the Snow Circle itself, the electrode pad may be peeled off by the weight of the Snow Circle, feeling that it was peeled off when you are doing it, "If you do not fix it ..." will make your eyes clear There was also.

I also found out that I was peeling after getting up.

"Snow Circle EMS Pad Snoring Stopper" has yet to be announced the official release date, but it is planned to be released in March of 2019.

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