I recorded a sleeping environment and tried living a sleepy life using "Sense" which is awakened comfortably with a smart alarm function

A device that automatically records user's movement · room brightness · temperature · humidity · noise level is "Sense"is. We made Kickstarter 's campaign brilliantly successful and received mass - produced products, so I tried to actually sleep comfortably by using alarms and recording sleeping conditions.


You can see what kind of product Sense is, by looking at the following article.

"Sense" to automatically record all the sleeping environments for sleeping asleep - GIGAZINE

Sense arrives at the editorial department.

The main body color of Sense is two colors, white and black. There was one small option box for each Sense.

Peel off the vinyl packaging and open it.

When opening the lid, the round Sense main body fell and fell.

Accessories are in the back of the box.

Taking out all the contents is like this. In addition to Sense main body, Sleep Pill, power supply cable, instruction sheet, seal included.

Sense is palm-sized with a diameter of about 7 cm, with a mesh-like modern design.

The back side is hanging.

Because there is a Micro-USB port at the bottom ... ...

Plug the power cable into an outlet and supply power. When the power turns on, the Sense glows very white.

Sense of black version is like this, Sleep Pill's main body color is common.

Also, there was a spare Sleep Pill in the included small box.

The size of Sleep Pill is about this.

Sleep Pill is in a clip shape and is used to pinch the bedding.

In order to use Sense, you need to install a dedicated application on the smartphone, and an application is prepared for iOS and Android.

Sense for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad currently on the iTunes App Store: Know More. Sleep Better.

Sense - Android application on Google Play

This time I installed the application using iPhone 5s.

Tap the installed application to start it.



Since I already have the Sense main body, tap "CONTINUE".

Enter your birthday and tap "NEXT". You can also skip without entering your birthday.

To register your account, enter your name, email address, desired password and tap "NEXT".

On the screen asked about notification permission, tap "OK" to sound an alarm tone.

Next, we will pair the application with the Sense main body. Tap "CONTINUE".

Tap SSID of Wi-Fi network to connect Sense.

Enter the Wi-Fi password and tap "CONTINUE".

While pairing, the Sense main body glows purple.

When "Paired" appears on the application screen, the connection is successful.

This is the home screen of the application. Since no sleep data has been recorded yet, "No sleep data recorded" is displayed. Tap the menu button on the top left ... ...

Tap the center Sense button to read tutorials and more.

To set the alarm, tap the clock mark on the top menu and tap the "+" button.

Tap "OKAY".

The alarm setting screen looks something like this. Tap the information mark on the right side of "Smart Alarm" ......

The description of Smart Alarm is displayed. Smart Alarm is able to wake up comfortably as it analyzes the sleep cycle and sounds an alarm at the best timing in 30 minutes from the set time of the alarm.

By tapping "Sound" on the alarm setting screen, it is possible to change the alarm sound.

There are 15 preset alarm tones available.

Tap "Repeat" ......

It is possible to decide the day of the week to sound an alarm.

Finally, decide the time to sound the alarm and tap "SAVE" to set the alarm.

Next, in order to pair Sleep Pill with the application, tap "Sense and Sleep Pill" from the gear icon at the upper right of the screen.

Tap "PAIR A SLEEP PILL". In addition, because you pair with Sleep Pill using Bluetooth 4.0, you need to turn on the Bluetooth function of the terminal.

To pair with Sleep Pill, swing the Sleep Pill body up and down.

After pairing, if you put Sleep Pill on the bedding as follows, the built-in 6 axis accelerometer / gyroscope will record the sleeping situation.

Sense turns the power on / off by holding your hand over the top. Sense glows yellow when the power is turned on.

When you turn off the light of the room before going to bed, the Sense will glow brightly in green, recognizing that it got dark.

Actually setting the alarm with the application, when the setting time comes, the white light turns around inside the Sense and turns around, the alarm sound gradually increases and leads to comfortable awakening can be seen in the following movie I can do it.

"Sense" alarm works - YouTube

When I woke up the next morning and started the application, the sleep score was displayed. This time it is a reasonable score, 83 points out of 100 points outstanding.

Scroll down the screen to see the depth of sleep and the recording of sleeping movement in timeline format.

When you tap the icon on the timeline, you will know the data such as 'time to enter the futon', 'time to sleep', 'timing to turn over', 'wake-up time' recorded by Sense and Sleep Pill It is possible.

When the sleeping time is too short, it seems that you can not generate the sleeping timeline because the amount of data acquisition is small.

Information on sleeping environments recorded by the Sense main body can be displayed in a list by tapping the radio wave mark on the upper left of the application. There are 4 types of data, indoor temperature, humidity, brightness, and noise level.

Also, when you tap the center Sense icon, the questionnaire was displayed, so tap "ANSWER" and try answering.

In the questionnaire, the question "How was your yesterday's sleep?" ...

Question about sleeping, "Do you snore while you are asleep?"

In addition, questions such as "Do you have fallen asleep while driving?" Are prepared, and it is a format that answers two or three questions a day and collects data.

When sleep data is accumulated it is possible to know the sleep trend, but this time it was not able to generate a sleep trend because data was not recorded enough.

In addition, Sense after the Kickstarter campaignSale on official websiteThe price of one Sense is 129 dollars (about 16,000 yen), and an additional Sleep Pill is 59 dollars (about 7300 yen) for 1 piece. The shipping fee is all world free.

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