"IDreamSaver" which checks sleep on the iPhone and provides comfortable waking up

There is an alarm clock that not only sounds an alarm tone, but also checks the depth of sleep and makes it awaken successfully, but it is "iDreamsaver" that makes it possible to use it on the iPhone as well.

IDreamSaver - Home

IDreamSaver - Wake. Intelligently. By Drew Shepard and Greg Laugle - Kickstarter

It looks just a dock for iPhone

However, the portion protruding before this is a motion sensor.

Drew Shepard and Greg Laugle who developed this

Here's how to use, install this iDreamSaver on the bedside.

And set the alarm of iPhone

At this time it is not the time you want to sound an alarm like "7:30", but the time you want to wake up is "between 7:15 and 7:45".

Then set the iPhone in the dock

The application starts automatically

Then it is in standby mode. It checks where the motion sensor is sleeping.

On this day, I went to bed at 10:46 pm

Since the body does not move during a deep sleep, the sensor does not react

However, if you strike a turnover, you will sense that the sensor is in a shallow sleep.

At 7:15 in the morning, I entered the range where the alarm began to sound. Alarms are already ready for operation at any time, but they do not ring yet.

I rolled over at 7:28. Here, the judgment "I have fallen asleep" goes down, the alarm will sound.

Rather than being forcibly raised from a deep sleep, the alarm sounds to a place where the consciousness is blurred with a shallow sleep, so it can be gotten suddenly.

It is a flow that you can tweet with "iPhone in hand as it is" is a good morning!

Standard white (ABS resin) and black (ABS resin) are $ 89 (about 6800 yen).

Silver (aluminum) that looks good on Apple products costs $ 149 (about 11,100 yen)

Black (aluminum) and red (aluminum) cost $ 159 (about 12,200 yen)

In addition, as an exclusive model of Kickstarter, aluminum iDreamSaver with color lime green and serial number is $ 189 (about 14,500 yen).

By the way, this cable of iDreamSaver is long compared to the cable bundled with iPhone etc, so it is OK even if the outlet and the table are apart somewhat.

In addition, for people wearing a case on the iPhone, cushioning materials are available in multiple sizes, so they can be used without removing the case.

I would like this item, even if I am selling it now, but for now it is still in a state where I am seeking investment at Kickstarter.com. Where you want for every smartphone, not just for iPhone.

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