The world's first mattress cover "Luna" that warms the bed and records sleeping time so that you can sleep well

It is painful to go into a cold futon when going to bed, so a hottie orSankaAlthough a warming tool like the one used is used, the "smart mattress cover" made with the idea that the bed cover itself becomes warm beforehand in the first place and the temperature should be comfortable when going to bed is "Luna"is. It's not only warm but it's a good thing to record sleeping hours or to automatically turn it off when you go to bed without turning off the lights.


Luna: The World's First Mattress Cover That Makes Any Bed Smart - YouTube

Matteo Franceschetti who made Luna. Things in the world getting smarter and steadier, why is not beds like that? The motivation was the driving force.

Luna is not the bed itself, but a cover that covers the outside of the mattress.

If you connect a click cable ......

Preparation OK

While I'm preparing for bedtime by brushing my teeth ......

Luna is at a temperature suitable for sleeping.

Thanks to that, you can sleep soundly as soon as you go to bed. In addition, although there are things that my favorite temperature is different when I sleep with two people, it corresponds to no problem.

Heart rate, sleeping breathing, sleep cycles etc. are recorded while sleeping ... ...

It tells me whether I sleep well.

What you can do is not just adjusting or recording the temperature.

For example, when you fell asleep with beds ... ...

Catch that Luna is asleep.

Switch temperature to sleep mode.

Because it was not locked, it locks automatically.

In addition, it also turns off the lamp.

I set an alarm clock so that I can get up properly.

Waking up is perfect.

I got up and had prepared coffee.

Is it really like this? Although it feels like it, I sold $ 100,000 (about 11.8 million yen) in Indiegogo at the cloud funding site and collected 192,786 dollars (about 22.7 million yen) leaving one month until the deadline.

Luna: Turn Your Bed into a Smartbed | Indiegogo

We are currently accepting pre-order on the official website. It is set with a queen size of 199 dollars (about 23,400 yen), a king size of 219 dollars (about 25,800 yen), California king size of 229 dollars (about 26 thousand yen).

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